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Coco Jones Gets Transparent About Her Love Life In Latest Single 'ICU'

Source: Sharon Bako / Sharon Bako

Coco Jones dropped her latest single, “ICU”, today, and her raw vulnerability gives the song that classic R&B sound.

Coco Jones is taking us back to the time when R&B melodies were the soundtrack to our lives. Her recent single ICU dropped today, and you better believe it has already been added to our “love songs” playlist. In the ballad, Jones sings about a lover that has obviously left an indelible mark on her heart. She croons lyrics that grapple with being in the relationship or being without it. Her powerful, passionate voice flows over a classic tune that leaves you no choice but to sway side to side as the Bel-Air actress belts out, “Maybe I need you, I breathe you, turning my heart blue. Maybe I need you, but I live you, I see you.”

During an Instagram Live chat with Hello Beautiful, yesterday, Jones discussed how she wanted to reveal a new side of her with “ICU.” She also admitted that singing is her first pick when it comes to her talented arsenal. “I love “ICU.” I feel like, it’s definitely a switch-up from my previous single “Caliber,” and that was intentional. I really want to show my audience different sides of me. I want people to see sides of me that aren’t on camera. There will be no acting if I didn’t sing ’cause singing was first, and singing has always been my first love,” stated Jones.

Coco Jones Is Proud That ‘ICU’ Comes From An Authentic Place

Jones is wearing her heart on her stylish sleeve for “ICU.” During the live chat, she had no qualms admitting that her latest single depicts her once, real-life love saga. “The tea is that, the song is about one of my longest relationships and how we kind of grew into things we wanted to be. Like I’m in my bag and he’s in his bag. We’re getting to these things, and now we don’t see each other, and we don’t trust each other as much. Our careers are going well but it’s deteriorating our relationship,” remarked Jones.

Coco Jones Gets Transparent About Her Love Life In Latest Single 'ICU'

Source: Sharon Bako / Sharon Bako

In addition to her latest single, Jones has been nominated for the Best New Artist Soul Train award. She’s also filming the second season of Bel-Air. When asked on the live chat what we can expect from her this upcoming month, Jones admits that she wants to continue bearing her soul through her artistry. “You can expect vulnerability. You can expect transparency. You can expect some bops. You can expect some nostalgia. And then honestly, you can expect conversations around the music. Because what I am really trying to do, as I’m breaking into being an artist, is solidify my place here,” said Jones.

Coco Jones’ entire album, What I Didn’t Tell You, debuts on November 4th. To listen to ICU and to see the video, click here.


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