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Dark & Lovely Announces New Brand Ambassador Meagan Good

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When two staples in the Black community come together, know you’re in for an authentically powerful ride. Dark & Lovely took Black hair care by storm when they introduced their neutralizing shampoo in 1982. Forty-one years later, the brand with a household name is a part of most Black women’s hair experience.

As the brand continues to expand, with a focus on mentorship and entrepreneurship, they’ve tapped into Black Hollywood’s sweetheart, Meagan Good, to be their brand ambassador for 2023. The actress who defines beauty, grace, and authenticity – I learned firsthand when I wrote her cover story – is the perfect person to mentor young adults on the journey to find themselves.

Dark & Lovely hosted an intimate panel discussion and networking event to announce the partnership with Good. Held in a swanky Bushwick event space, Black women gathered in celebration of Black hair, Black authenticity, and Black empowerment.

Meagan discusses her role as a Dark & Lovely Brand Ambassador

Dark & Lovely event meagan good

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

I caught up with Meagan to discuss her latest role as a Dark & Lovely brand ambassador, the magic she’s looking forward to creating with the brand, and I even got some tea on the upcoming season of Harlem.

Good tapped into her rebellious side to commemorate the ambassadorship and went for a bold, platinum blonde hue, perfectly embodying the theme of making bold moves. 

“It’s a blessing to be a brand ambassador for Dark & Lovely, and I’m super excited. I feel honored because I grew up with Dark & Lovely, and I’ve always loved the brand. My mother used it in the house, and growing up in the area that I grew up in, in the eighties, it was predominantly white. There weren’t a lot of us there. Dark& Lovely was the first brand that I saw that celebrated our beauty,” says Good.

As a brand ambassador, Good will pour back into the community by mentoring young adults. “The biggest thing for me is that I want to give these young women the resources they need so they can pursue whatever it is they want to pursue and explore whatever passions they have. I want them to know that you can. You can do anything,” she says.

As far as the upcoming season of Harlem, Good says the fashion is to die for. “Deirdra (the show’s costume designer) is just incredible. I think the way that she created the looks for the characters – at least for me – when I saw the wardrobe, I was like, ‘Got it, I know exactly who Camille is.’” 

The Panel Discussion

Making Bold Moves: Dark & Lovely Introduces New Ambassador, Meagan Good

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Dark & Lovely’s Marketing Director, Tenaj Ferguson, moderated an intimate chat between Good and DonYe Taylor, a digital creator. During the discussion, the ladies talked about their mentors, what it means to make bold moves, and their general hair stories.

Both ladies dropped gems, specifically around the power of authenticity. When asked the last time she made a bold move, Good responded, “Often because I stopped apologizing. Like, I was always gonna be a bold person. I’m always gonna do what I’m gonna do as long as it’s right between me and the Lord. But I would do it kind of a little apologetically because I didn’t want to offend people. Cause I didn’t know how I would be received or all those things,” she says.

“And I think that I’ve just come into a season personally, professionally, in every way where I’m just done apologizing and, and I know that my tribe people are my tribe people and they’re always gonna look out and cover and love and believe the best in me and give the benefit of the doubt. And folks that aren’t my tribe people, they’re never really gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. And so trying to change that – it’s kind of a waste of time. All you’ve gotta do is be yourself,” she declares.

Taylor encouraged the audience to push past the fear that they feel when working towards a goal. The fear is natural, but staying stuck in the fear is where we go wrong.

Dark & Lovely’s Building Beautiful Futures initiative

Dark & Lovely event meagan good

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

As the panel discussion concluded, Ferguson segued into Dark & Lovely’s Building Beautiful Futures initiative. The brand empowers young adults by providing them with scholarships, mentorships, and career coaching opportunities to bridge the educational and career equity gap. Dark & Lovely’s commitment to paving the path to success was shown last night when they awarded Janelle Muhammad, founder, and CEO of SelfieSkin Co, with a check for $5,000.

See highlights from the event below!


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