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Episode 50 TASS

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It’s the Amanda Seales Show on this valentine’s day episode of the Amanda Seales Show podcast.

We get focused on the tragic death of Tyre Nichols and the Memphis Police Officers who took pictures of the crime scene. We also introduce a new feature called “They Did That” highlighting unsung Black inventors.

Amanda Seales and Nailz recap the Super Bowl music performances. Tune in to hear more Blackurate news and more.

Let’s listen laugh and learn with the Amanda Seales Show podcast.


  1. (02:43) BLACKURATE NEWS: Memphis Police Officer Took Photos Of Brutally Beaten Tyre Nichols And Shared One With Others, Documents Show. It’s Confirmed. Rihanna Is Pregnant With Her Second Child
  2. (08:04) You Should Never Go Into Business With A Man Who Cheats On His Wife.
  3. (10:53) They Did That…Black History Segment On Black Inventors.. Frederick M Jones-Air Conditioning Unit
  4. (13:59) Naomi Is On The Line And She Wants To Comment On The Ig Story From The Brotha Who Said To Stop Assuming Every Single Mother Is A Good Mother.
  5. (16:22) BLACKURATE NEWS: They Are Calling The Earthquake In Syria The Disaster Of The Century. The Number Is Now Over 36,000 Dead. Popular Nj Restaurant Will Ban Children Under 10
  6. (24:44) Will Smith Helps Raise $10m For Ben Crump’s New History-Making Law School
  7. (27:22) BIG UP LET DOWN: Big Up –   Alabama Hs Students Walk Out Over Black History Month Erasure. Let Down –  Trey Songz Faces Lawsuit Over Rape Allegations
  8. (31:13) BLACKURATE NEWS: Rep. Barbara Lee To Launch Us Senate Campaign During Black History Month. Donald Trump Sends A Clear Message To Rihanna, Kari Lake Sits During Nat’l Anthem, Majorie Taylor Bashes Rihanna
  9. (35:13) Are You Trying It? Chick-Fil-A Jumps On The Bandwagon…. Testing Its First Plant-Based Sandwich
  10. (43:12) Musical Moments Of The Super Bowl 52
  11. (45:52) BLACKURATE NEWS: Banning TikTok In The Us ‘Should Be Looked At,’ Says Schumer
  12. (49:21) Rihanna’s Social Media Reaction To Her Show Performance





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