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Pinky Cole on Her Slutty Vegan Empire and Jet Magazine Cover [EXCLUSIVE]



Pinky Cole Interview

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Serial entrepreneur Pinky Cole joins the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to discuss her journey of building the empire that is Slutty Vegan, and new JET Magazine Cover—the first printed issue since 2014!


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Pinky Cole has taken the world by storm over the last five years with her incredible success story. She is the owner of over 10 Slutty Vegan restaurants, Bar Vegan, Pinky Cole Foundation, and documents herself “buying back the block” in multiple Atlanta neighborhoods.

She explains the importance of discipline and overcoming obstacles, using the example of a major lesson she learned early on in business. Pinky’s first restaurant in Harlem, New York seemed to have “failed” after losing everything in a grease fire and not having proper insurance. What she didn’t realize at the time, was that it was only the precursor to her soon-to-be $100 million dollar endeavor.

“Ain’t nothing a mistake. Everything is a lesson learned… I have a motto [of] when things happen we put policy in place,” Pinky says.

Her advice to other entrepreneurs that “if you want to be a disrupter, you’re going to face some disruption”.

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