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Can you imagine Destiny’s Child with this potential member?

Initially, Mathew Knowles intended Destiny’s Child to involve his entire family.

The music executive wanted to incorporate his youngest daughter Solange with ex-wife Tina Knowles-Lawson in the group that launched his eldest daughter, Beyonce, into her iconic superstar position while assembling one of the best all-female groups in pop music history. – added commas and reworded some things

On November 5th, Knowles posted two different messages for his daughters on social media to express his fatherly pride in them.

The first post was dedicated to Beyonce, using a vintage image of the Renaissance singer jokingly donning a hairpiece on his head. The 70-year-old claimed that while he could not recollect all the specifics of the memory, he could recall his oldest daughter being joyful.

“As parents, we often have to walk the fine line between parent and manager (in my case—literally). We all want to see our children excel academically, athletically, artistically, socially, and so on. Sometimes, we just need to let them have fun and let their spirits guide them to be the best they can possibly be,” he wrote.

He continued: “In Beyoncé’s case, Tina and I saw her incredible love for the stage and performing at a very young age. And we both knew that as long as she was having fun doing what she loved and was passionate about it, that she would be successful.”

He conveyed to them how he always knew they would become household names. But he also mentioned how one of his young daughters chose to follow her own path instead of following his initial plan.

The manager of Destiny’s Child claimed in the second dedication post that he wanted Solange to join the group.

“Many of you aren’t aware, but I personally wanted Solange to be in Destiny’s Child. That didn’t appeal to her,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “You would think joining Destiny’s Child would be a dream to her, and she had every opportunity to seize the success that the group was experiencing—but she wanted to forge her very own path.”

The former Destiny’s Child manager hoped that his readers would take away these points as they read his post’s conclusion: “Sometimes life brings us to a crossroads and makes us make a choice between the ‘obvious decision’ and the choice our heart knows deep within we should take. I would encourage you to not automatically discount the latter.”

Woah! We can only imagine the music we would’ve gotten if these two talented sisters were in Destiny’s Child!

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