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On what channel can I find CLEO TV?  If you don’t have CLEO TV now, know that we are working hard to bring it to you. To find out what channel CLEO TV is on in your market, view our schedule page and click on “Find CLEO TV” button.

If my cable/satellite provider doesn’t carry CLEO TV, how can I get it?  If you don’t see CLEO TV listed, contact your local cable provider to request CLEO TV. We encourage you to use our online service called Get CLEO TV to make your request. Periodically, each cable/satellite provider tallies up the number of requests they receive. The more requests they receive, the more likely they will be to add CLEO TV to a particular market.

How do I contact CLEO TV’s Investor Relations Department? Find information about investor relations at:

How do I advertise on CLEO TV? CLEO TV offers highly rewarding opportunities to reach African American consumers currently subscribed to CLEO TV. Hailed for being the long-awaited channel of choice by viewers, CLEO TV is the first of its kind to target specific demographic groups largely under served by current television media. For more information, visit our advertising page or contact the Ad Sales group at

What is the process for pitching a show idea to CLEO TV? CLEO TV does NOT accept unsolicited television show pitches or ideas. To protect the legal rights of both you and CLEO TV, we return any and all pitch materials UNREAD. In the event that we do read a solicited proposal (one that CLEO TV specifically requests,) we must have a signed legal agreement in place before any discussions can begin. For this reason, we ask you not to send any proposals or ideas by mail, email or phone. Although we do not accept unsolicited show ideas, we do welcome general feedback from viewers on the types of shows they would like to see. CLEO TV is developing many original shows. We welcome you to offer suggestions and feedback on what you think is working and what could be better. We are unable to respond to all of the emails we receive, but we always read all of the feedback and forward them on the appropriate departments.

How do I apply to be on a CLEO TV Show? Please refer to talent submission guidelines. Occasionally, CLEO TV has casting calls to find potential hosts and guests for our new television shows. Casting calls will be posted on the CLEO TV website. If there’s a show that you would like to be on that is not listed on the site, be patient and continue to check the site. We go through production taping cycles and we may not be ready to cast for that show yet.

When will you rebroadcast a particular show? Our schedule is available on our website a week at a glance. Please check the schedule page for information. You can also set email reminders for your favorite show(s). Although the schedule is subject to change, CLEO TV is committed to keeping the schedule updated on a weekly basis to ensure that you have the latest information.

Still have questions for us? Email us your question at, and if it’s a general question, we may answer it online. CLEO TV is unable to personally respond to the high volume of emails that we receive. However, your questions and comments are very important to us and we make every effort to read each one.