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6:00 AM

One on One

The One About Friends

Flex is jealous of Duane and Natalies friendship.

6:30 AM

One on One

Take This Job And Love It

Breanna gets then loses her first job.

7:00 AM

One on One

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Flexs barbershop makeover leads to a staff mutiny.

7:30 AM

One on One

I Know What You Did Last Thursday

Breanna suspects Natalie is two-timing Flex..

8:00 AM

One on One

Meet The Parents

Flexs mother disapproves of Natalie.

8:30 AM

One on One

Heart To Heart

Flexs commitment phobia drives Natalie away.

9:00 AM

One on One

Stuck On You

Breanna must choose between two smitten suitors.

9:30 AM

One on One

Find My WifePlease

Flex discovers hes still legally married to Nicole.

10:00 AM

One on One

Checkmate Daddy

Flex and Spirits mother face off over fundraisers.

10:30 AM

One on One

It's A Family Thing

The judge refuses to grant Flex and Nicoles divorce.

11:00 AM

One on One


Flex and Breanna take a break from dating.

11:30 AM

One on One

Stepmom Misstep

Natalie makes a startling announcement.

12:00 PM

One on One


PTA moms turn to Flex for love advice.

12:30 PM

One on One

2 Young, 2 Curious

Flex inadvertently dates a girl Breannas age.

1:00 PM

One on One

One Hand Washington's The Other

Flex uses Breanna to land an exclusive interview.

1:30 PM

One on One

I Hear White People

Duane can hear the thoughts of white people.

2:00 PM

One on One

Keeping It

Breanna plans to lose her virginity with Arnaz.

2:30 PM

One on One

Spy Games

Somebodys stealing Flexs exclusive stories.

3:00 PM

One on One

Tears Of A Clown

Duanes father resurfaces after 30 years.

3:30 PM

One on One

Dream Seller

Flex struggles to keep the barbershop in business.

4:00 PM

One on One

It's A Miserable Life

Breannas mother has a surprising announcement.

4:30 PM

One on One

East Meets East Coast

The father of Flexs new girlfriend objects to their romance.

5:00 PM

One on One

He's Not Heavy He's My Half Brother

Duanes father reveals some stunning news.

5:30 PM

One on One

Spy Games Reloaded

Flex and his lover pursue the same job.

6:00 PM

One on One

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Hip Hop World

Flex drives Breanna and her friends to a hip-hop festival.

6:30 PM

One on One

The Catch

Breanna discovers Arnazs big secret.

7:00 PM

One on One

Cabin Fever

Flex resents Breannas attachment to her acting teacher.

7:30 PM

One on One

Sleepless In Baltimore

Breanna searches for Flexs Miss Right.

8:00 PM

One on One

No More Wire Hangers

Arnazs home life is rocked by alcoholism.

8:30 PM

One on One

The Play's The Thing (Part 1)

Flex fakes an affair with Holly.

9:00 PM

One on One

Bright Lights, Big City (Part 2)

Breanna runs away to New York with Arnaz.

9:30 PM

One on One

The Prodigal Brother

Flexs brother wants to buy the family barbershop.

10:00 PM

One on One


The barbershop receives a radical makeover.

10:30 PM

One on One

Follow That Car

Flex tracks Breanna with a GPS device.

11:00 PM

One on One

We'll Take Manhatten

Breanna, Spirit and Arnaz run away to New York.

11:30 PM

One on One

Zen Daddy

Flex gets a new on-air partner.

12:00 AM

One on One

Dirty Laundry

Breanna and Flex give therapy a chance to mend their strained relationship.

12:30 AM

One on One

Rock The Vote

Breanna helps Cousin Larry with his political campaign.

1:00 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Holiday DIY Gifts and Recipes

Ready to learn some fun tips? From DIY mason jar gifts and gift wrap, to yummy leftover cranberry sauce recipes, Tia knows how to get into the holiday spirit!

1:30 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Recreating My Wedding Look

13 years after getting married, Tia has decided to recreate her wedding look. Joined by her make-up artist and hair stylist, Tia transforms into bridal bliss and even tries on her wedding dress!

2:00 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

The Meal of Love!

Love is in the air… And so is cheese and garlic! Tia is recreating the dish she made for her and her husband’s first date - cheesy, garlic pull apart bread and delicious shrimp pasta

2:30 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Tia's Mom's Chicken Curry Recipe

Mom’s recipes are always the best! Today on Quick Fix, Tia and her son Cree are duplicating a family famous dish, Tia’s mom’s curry chicken.

3:00 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Breakfast in Bed with Cree

The best way to enjoy breakfast is… in bed! Join Tia and her son Cree as they prepare a delicious breakfast of various toasts and an oat-filled smoothie bowl.

3:30 AM

Tia Mowry's Quick Fix

Tia's Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding can be difficult, but it’s also beautiful and rewarding! Join Tia as she shares the ups, downs and lessons from her breastfeeding journey.