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7:00 AM

Lens of Culture

Puerto Rico

Tai and Elton head to Puerto Rico, where they head to Loiza, the Afro-Caribbean soul of Puerto Rico and discover a beautiful beach front area for some authentic African/ Puerto Rican cuisine.

7:30 AM

Lens of Culture

Palm Springs\Joshua Tree

Tai and Elton take us to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, CA. The excitement takes off with a guided ATV ride, a shopping spree with designer Angeline Hayling, an ultimate glamping experience, and more.

8:00 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Originally from the East Coast, Meghan is a millennial on the move who tossed caution to the wind to pursue her hot new career in Los Angeles. In this episode, Jake and Jazz take over Meghan’s studio apartment in Koreatown. Jazz redesigns her space and Jake builds her a custom headboard to die for, taking it from drab to FAB!

8:30 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Shay is a single mom who recently moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles with her young daughter. Her mommy duties and day-to-day grind are her first priority, so Shay as little time to think about redecorating her space. She’s enlisted the help of Jake and Jazz to make her house feel more like a home!

9:00 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Taylor is a music lover who dances to the beat of her own drum! In this episode Jake and Jazz hit all the right notes when it comes to the redesign. Jazz creates personalized vibes by adding cool colors and accent pieces, while Jake builds a unique coffee table to house Taylor’s record collection.

9:30 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Mel is a budding celebrity makeup artist who’s juggling different jobs to make ends meet. Her fashion and jewelry line, which she runs out of her apartment, has created massive clutter. In this episode, Jake and Jazz work together to organize her space so she can live and grow as an entrepreneur.

10:00 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Jessica Handy and family

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom who prides herself on homeschooling her two young sons. Her family spends a lot of time in the living room, which is outdated, and in need of a drastic change. She wants this space to be functional and have a fresh, modern feel. Jake and Jazz step in to fulfill her wishes.

10:30 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Maura Shanz

Maura, like so many, came to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the film and television industry. Chasing that dream has left her with very little time to focus on her first apartment. While she’s grinding, Jake and Jazz will step in to give her the living space she deserves!

11:00 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Brandi Sellerz

Brandi is a super mom of three vibrant boys, but keeping them organized is always a challenge. The layout of their bedroom leaves little space for the boys to play with their toys and the clutter is overwhelming the family. Jake and Jazz step in with a simple living solution to help keep everyone happy!

11:30 AM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Diana Mendez

Stuck in a design dilemma, local store manager, Diana typically works late or is on the go with family and friends. She would love to entertain at home, but doesn’t feel her apartment is suitable for hosting. She hands over her keys to Jake and Jazz to work their magic on her small, open space apartment.

12:00 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Shakerra and Angela

Shakerra and Angela are newlyweds, who have chosen Long Beach, California as their new home. The self-employed couple runs individual businesses from home, but they need a space that suits their entrepreneurial needs. Jake and Jazz step in to define their living verses work space.

12:30 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Artist and photographer, Calethia loves her place and is all about being “Zen”, but these days, she’s finding that her place needs a little TLC to make it more relaxing and functional. With artwork cluttering her bedroom, she’s looking to reclaim the space and make it the sanctuary she once had.

1:00 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Glenda and Darryl

Parents to be Glenda and Darryl, just purchased a brand new home. They would like to upgrade their small apartment furniture to create a homey feel for their new little one. They also need a space to entertain the in-laws that will be sure to visit. Enter Jake and Jazz, who know exactly what they need!

1:30 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Cameron and Collin

Cameron and Collin moved to Los Angeles to follow their dreams of becoming stand-up comedians. They have a one bedroom apartment and a roommate who shares the unit. The couples’ bedroom is in the living room and they need Jake and Jazz to design a more functional space, so they can entertain guests.

2:00 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Ken is a professional performer with a busy lifestyle. His roommates recently moved out and left him with a two bedroom apartment in need of a major redesign. He often hosts open mic nights at home and needs room to entertain. He presented that challenge to Jake and Jazz, who have just the solution!

2:30 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Ami and Titus

Titus and Ami are a busy couple who are always on the go and they have two active children who love to play. The couple says their two bedroom apartment feels more like a storage unit than a home, due to the clutter and lack of space. They need Jake and Jazz to come in and help them reorganize their life!

3:00 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz


Dominique is a barber who lives in Long Beach, but she has an elite clientele in Hollywood. Her love for clothes and lack of space, forced her to turn her bedroom into a closet! Now the clothing clutter has her wondering how she can reclaim her space, so she can relax and chill after a hard day at work.

3:30 PM

Living By Design with Jake and Jazz

Lisa and Tyler

Lisa and Tyler are high school sweethearts who recently got engaged. They have said goodbye to their respective roommates and moved into their first apartment together. Now, they are living out of boxes and say they need a revamped living-dining room area so they can entertain.

12:30 AM

All Things Adrienne with Adrienne Houghton

5 White Shirts and Best Swim Suit

Adrienne shares her best fashion tips, from finding the best swimsuit for your body to creating chic outfits with a white button down.

1:30 AM

Jordin Sparks: Heart of the Batter

Cupcakes and Mug Cakes

Jordin is whipping up two simple and scrumptious desserts: strawberry Moscato cupcakes and single-serve pumpkin mug cakes.

2:00 AM

Jordin Sparks: Heart of the Batter

Life Upate + First Pregnancy

From American Idol to motherhood, Jordin Sparks shares an update on all the latest in her life.

2:30 AM

Jordin Sparks: Heart of the Batter

Baked Brie + Mini Calzones 3 Ways

Today, Jordin is serving something savory, with recipes for baked brie and mini calzones.

3:00 AM

Jordin Sparks: Heart of the Batter

No Bake Energy Bites + Family Workout

Jordin shares how she and her husband stay fit, from family workouts to protein-packed snacks.

3:30 AM

Jordin Sparks: Heart of the Batter

Dutch Baby Pancake + Easy Nachos

With just the right balance of sweet and savory, Jordin whips up some hearty nachos and an upscale version of dutch pancakes.