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CLEO TV regularly looks for programming ideas that will resonate with our African American audience. However, CLEO TV is NOT currently accepting submissions of scripted programming ideas including sitcoms, dramas, or movies. To manage the large influx of ideas and comply with our legal obligations, we follow strict guidelines.

To pitch a show:

  1. You must be a seasoned producer, own a credited production company, or already have attached a seasoned producer or a credited production company to the show. CLEO TV works with experienced producers and production companies who have produced and delivered shows for network television, cable networks or local stations. Although we are open to working with a wide range of production companies, the lead producer’s background and skill is paramount.
  2. Send a one-page letter of inquiry with contact information and an area of interest to the address below. If you are an individual producer, include a copy of your personal credits. If you are a production company, include a copy of your company credits and a resume or bio of your company principals. Please DO NOT include any show ideas as we are legally unable to review the ideas and will have to return all materials unread.
  3. If your experience or production company credits meet our requirements, we will contact you for further information. At that time, we will request a demo reel of your work and at least one produced show episode. Please wait until CLEO TV contacts you. Due to the large volume of interest that we receive, this step is necessary to ensure that we are able to review all inquiries.
  4. If we decide to review your show ideas, we will contact you to request your treatment or filmed material. You will be required to sign a legal agreement to protect the rights of both parties. This submission release form, provided by CLEO TV, must be signed prior to the sharing of ideas.
  5. After the submission release form is signed, the producer may then pitch ideas for consideration to the network in the form of a treatment or other filmed material. Submitted materials will not be returned.

Inquiries should be sent to:

Attention: Programming/ Show Ideas (CLEO TV)

TV One

1010 Wayne Ave., 10th floor

Silver Spring, MD 20910