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Every Tuesday after the first Monday in November is significant. It’s Election Day! Today’s the day.

And it’s more crucial than ever that Black voters express our views on the topics that are most important to us in order to ensure that every American vote is counted in this year’s midterm elections.

To ensure that voices are being heard, TV One urges everyone who is registered to vote to do so.

With organizations such as the NAACP, there has been a huge push to get the Black community to vote in this year’s Midterm elections on a national level.

Here is a list of reasons why your voice and vote are needed!

Black Voters Can Vote for Candidates That Support Policies That Improve Black Lives:

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From social issues such as the American Rescue Plan, the Inflation Reduction Act, HBCU Funding, and Marijuana Reform there are many things on the ballots this year that impact the Black community.

Today is your chance to help make changes that ensure that states have officials in office that supports us and will improve Black lives.

Vote to pass laws that impact the right to vote and police accountability:

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In 2022, the Black community faces imitation tactics that stops Black voters from casting their ballots.

The Black community is a prime victim of voter suppression. From getting misinformation during the year of 2020 to facing harassment in Beaumont, Texas during the early voting period there are a lot of tactics that are used to silence the voices of Black voters.

Elect Your Next Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, ETC.:

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It is crucial to elect your next governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and other officials who will ultimately decide how to allocate federal monies and choose state judges.

Elect Legislators at the County, City, and Municipal Levels:

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At the county, city, and municipal levels, elect representatives who decide on issues such as regular garbage collection, broken streetlights, criminal prosecution, and the standard of education provided to children in your neighborhood.

You can choose the next mayor, member of the city or county council, sheriff, district attorney, or member of the school board.

Don’t miss this important opportunity!

More than ever, we must fight the biggest battle of our generation to defend our right to vote and our freedom. Voter turnout is essential to ensuring that we receive the access and equity we are entitled to.

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To ensure that we receive the access and equity we’re entitled to make sure that you completely cast your ballot today in 2022.

Another way to get a great turnout, you can volunteer to help your town register and turn out voters. There are several organizations that are prepared to assist.

Lastly, you can always contribute to the cause of securing the right to vote.

Let’s go out and vote!

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