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Photo by: CLEO TV

Attention CLEO TV foodies! You don’t want to miss this week’s episode of What’s Cooking? Atlanta because we are digging into seafood AND soul food!

During our first stop, our girl Pretty Vee stops at the iconic Busy Bee Cafe located in Downtown Atlanta!

The soul food restaurant owner Tracy Gates gave us the back story of how she became the owner of the successful establishment.

The Southern Seafood and Soul Food Battle


“Ms. Lucy is the original owner and founder of Busy Bee. She was a self-taught cook from Carrollton, Georgia, she purchased a small shop next door, and when they widened Martin Luther King, they built this particular building for her,” she said.

Busy Bee Cafe serves dishes ranging from their famous Iconic Fried Chicken, Candied Yams, Fried Catfish, Collard Greens, and more signature soul food dishes.

And the presentation each of dish take us back to grandma’s house!

The Southern Seafood and Soul Food Battle


Busy Bee Cafe is widely loved, so much so that the restaurant won the 2022 James Beard America’s Classics Award!

Busy Bee Cafe is the FIRST restaurant to win this prestigious award.

“To be recognized by the James Beard Foundation for cooking soul food it felt like our heritage, our culture, our traditions, our recipes, our ancestry was being recognized. I just felt like somebody really understood my passion,” Ms. Gates said.

And we see why the beloved establishment took home this year’s award.

Next stop, we’re heading to Infused Crab ATL to chow down on seafood!

But first, we checked in with our guy Willie Moore Jr., host of Something to Chew On, who ate the delicious dish of Vegan Asian Stir Fry Rice Noodles prepared by the amazing Chef Angela Victoria Lane also known as “AV” of InHempZion.

The Southern Seafood and Soul Food Battle


And we can’t wait for Willie to fill us in on all the details of this outstanding dish!

Our girl Pretty Vee is making us want to hurry to Infused Crab ATL and grab an order of Alfredo Jerk Salmon Pasta as we check back in with her.

The Southern Seafood and Soul Food Battle


We cannot wait to see the delicious noodle bowl that Kimberly Knox, Madison Tukes, and McKenzie Tukes restaurant owners at Infusion Crab made!

Tune in to TONIGHT’s episode of What’s Cooking? Atlanta at 9:30P/8:30C!

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