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Get ready fellow foodies, this week on What’s Cooking?: Atlanta we’re rolling in dough!

As we tap in with our girl Pretty Vee is stopping at the upscale Not as Famous Cookie shop located in Smyrna!

And you know how much we love sweets and desserts on CLEO TV!

As we settle into the beautiful atmosphere of Not as Famous Cookie, the pastry shop’s owner Ashley Carlton makes us feel right at home.

We cannot WAIT to be knocked off our feet as we look at their deliciously freshly baked cookies, and as Ashley tells us what motivated him to start a cookie business.

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“My father had these amazing cookie flavors that he just had for friends and family. And it was just one of the things I saw growing up and I was like ‘I see a business with this,’” he said.

The Not as Famous Cookie shop owner also revealed some of the obstacles, he faced during the beginning stages of opening his shop.

“You start out thinking ‘I’m about to set up shop with this cookie truck, and people are going to show up.’ No, it’s not like that. You have to deal with all the permitting process, you have to deal with the county process, and you also have to figure out what your client base is. What might work for some trucks might not work for you,” Carlton shared.

Ashley also shares with Pretty Vee that all the cookies are freshly baked throughout the day.

Looking at their OG chocolate chip, red velvet cheesecake, peach cobbler, and peanut butter cookies made our tastebuds sing!

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As Ashley takes his father’s original recipes for these amazing cookies, he also experiments and sees what he can come up with. And we see why their OG chocolate chip, red velvet, and birthday cake cookies are fan favorites!

But for now, we’re tapping in with our guy Willie Moore Jr. as he shows us Something to Chew On!

Hailing from New Orleans, Chef Shanese Francis is showing us how she makes her famous Jerked Chicken Pasta with homegrown ingredients.

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You can serve this favor-packed dish healthy, or unhealthy, hot, or at room temperature. Now, this is something to chew on!

As we check back in with Pretty Vee, we’re heading to Gocha’s Breakfast Bar, an elegant breakfast restaurant located in the affluent Cascade neighborhood of Atlanta!

Gocha’s Breakfast Bar serves pescatarian and vegan-friendly Southern-style meals including cajun creole gulf shrimp fish & grits and specialty pancakes.

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To see where Gocha Hawkins gets her inspiration on how she created her menu, be sure to watch What’s Cooking?: Atlanta TONIGHT!

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