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It’s all about TEA, on today’s episode of What’s Cooking?: Atlanta!

If you are a fan of CLEO TV, then you know how much we love to work, play, and slay! Especially when brunch is involved.

On the newest episode, our girl Pretty Vee is visiting Unitea & Coffee Café! And if you’re like us, you enjoy a delicious holistic vegan brunch spot that serves unique teas, and vegan-based foods.

Located in the West End area of the fabulous city, Dr. Julious Kalid shares what motivated him to bring a holistic-style brunch establishment to the area.

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“I’ve been doing community service for the last ten years. I started a nonprofit, working with the youth, and when the pandemic hit and I noticed that everybody became more conscious, started taking alternative routes,” Dr. Kalid revealed. “A lot of people didn’t want to do certain things. I have a dream and the dream was, I needed to do more for the community.”

He decided to open a wellness café and is living his dream life.

Serving plant-based, healthy foods that are considered medicine, Unitea & Coffee Café serves food ranging from Avocado toast, (served on 2 toasted rye bread slices and topped with red pepper flakes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze), to their famous Goddess and Acai bowls.

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We at CLEO TV and What’s Cooking?: Atlanta stand with the vision of the amazing Dr. Julious Kalid and his selfless contributions to the community.

Switching gears to Something to Chew On!, we are checking in with our guy Willie Moore Jr. as he introduces us to another awesome chef.

Meeting the talented Chef Kenya Robinson, she shows us how she makes her banana pudding.

Chef Robinson reveals that she perfected her banana pudding recipe by trial and error.

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“I’m not a baker. I cook, but I play around with some sweets. [I came up with my recipe with] Just different recipes, looking online, searching. Tasting what I like, what I don’t like, and combining them together and seeing how it works out,” she shares.

And man, is Chef Robinson’s banana pudding hittin’! Now that’s something to chew on!

Up next, Pretty Vee is heading to her second stop at The Boiler Seafood located in Buckhead.

Who doesn’t LOVE seafood!?

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Serving up crab legs, seafood egg rolls, and their famous specialty drinks, Chad Dillon is making sure his customers have an amazing experience at the upscale restaurant.

To see what appetizing dishes Pretty Vee will try, watch tonight’s episode of What’s Cooking?: Atlanta!

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