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Alana Atkins

Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old life science that is based on the mind-body connection and it maintains health based on 3 pillars: diet, exercise, and abstinence. Abstaining not just from sexual activity, but anything that is done in excess that can cause high stress on the body.

Ayurvedic practitioner and Erica’s younger sister, Alana Atkins stopped by the Get Up Church to talk about herbs for stress management for your immune system including a growing popular herb: Ashwagandha.








What are the best herbs for stress?

Atkins: So one of the best herbs in Ayurveda to manage stress is ashwagandha. It actually means the smell of a horse. It’s a tonic and it’s a sedative all in one. It’s an adaptogen, so it can go from calming the nervous system that can leave you agitated and emotionally unstable and even interfering with sleep quality, to energizing you for a workout and minimizing the stress. The physical stress that is endured during a workout.


What are the best herbs to use for a strong immune system during the winter?

There is a different set of Herbs that you can use that are year-round and then other ones that you use in specific seasons just because of the different environmental factors and how they impact your immune system. So one is Chyawanprash Lehyam. Chyawanprash Lehyam is packed with vitamin C flavonoids. Powerful antioxidants this tonic is good for your lymph, blood, your muscle fat, bone, nervous system, and reproductive tissues. And it’s like a jam, so you could have it just straight out of the jar on the spoon. You can have it. Dissolved in milk or hot water, it’s something you could take year-round and it’s safe for children. I give it to mine and it’s kind of like a multivitamin.

Healthy Every After: Alana Atkins Explains the Practice of Ayurveda  was originally published on getuperica.com