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It’s that time of year, hotties! Today marks Megan Thee Stallion’s 28th birthday.

In celebration of her special day, CLEO TV would like to wish the H-Town Hottie an abundance of happy birthday wishes.

Here are some iconic moments of Megan Thee Stallion that we still can’t get over.

1. Meg Graduates from Texas Southern University

We can all agree that it was a proud moment to see the Houston rapper graduating from Texas Southern University!

The 28-year-old obtained a bachelor’s degree in health administration! Don’t you just love a scholar?

2.  Meg Receives 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Award

Last year was a phenomenal year for Megan as she received a key to the city of Houston.

Not to mention, she was also given her own day, “Megan Thee Stallion Day”, which is celebrated on May 2nd.

The date of May 2 is particularly special to the Houston rapper, as it is her late mother’s and grandmother’s birthdays.

3.  Showing off Her Comedic Skills on SNL

We knew that our girl had some serious acting chops, but we were in for a thrill when Meg took over Saturday Night Live!

Check out our favorite sketch from her night of hosting the legendary show.

4. Crashing the Marvel Universe

When She-Hulk’s Josh Segarra hinted that Meg was going to make an appearance in the Marvel Universe, we honestly couldn’t contain our excitement!

5.  Tina Snow Meets P-Valley

Premiere Of STARZ Season 2 Of "P-Valley" - Arrivals

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

When Tina Snow makes an appearance, you know it’s going to be huge deal!

And P-Valley knew what they were doing when they gave Ms. Snow a cameo and some lines on the hit series.

Please join us as we wish Megan Thee Stallion a very happy birthday! What are some of your favorite Megan Thee Stallion moments? Let us know in the comments. 

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