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Yandy Smith is standing in protest with inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn after a power outage has left them without electricity or heat, reports CNN. Over the weekend, she and other New York residents took a stand in solidarity with those who are behind bars for them to receive better treatment.

The reality TV star took to Instagram to show her support by asking detainees to bang and make noise, so people outside could hear them. The 36-year-old asked them if they had received blankets, and if the heat had been turned back on to which the sound was unparalleled. Some cells got as cold as 33-degrees, according to her post. She was even pepper-sprayed and thrown on the ground in the middle of the movement. But, she endured and continued to fight. Watch below:

The Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member passionately fought for the over 1,600 men who are housed in the facility, and made sure their truths were made known:

“Lighting is down,” David Patton, the director of Federal Defenders of New York said of the imminent situation. “No light in the cells. All locked down since Thursday night. That’s going on for at least 36 hours. When the sun goes down it’s pitch dark. Inmates who have medical conditions can’t read the instructions on the medications.”

According to The New York Times, this incident has put those with serious medical conditions in danger. Inmates who need prescription refills can’t contact their family members to get them, nor can any of the occupants use their toilets due to having no hot water.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that the city is sending blankets and hand warmers to the center, to which the Harlem native called a lie:

According to social media posts by protestors, as of last night, light has been restored to the prison, but there has been no word on heat as yet.

This isn’t the mother of two’s first time fighting social injustice. Last year, she protested the arrest of a black woman who was threatened and struck down by three white male police officers in an Alabama Waffle House. She told PEOPLE she wants to use these instances to educate her kids: “I want my children to understand that we can absolutely teach about the injustices, but to really be change agents against these injustices you have to get out there and move with the people.”

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