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After losing her ex-fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, late last year, Angela Simmons is finally ready to date. “I’ve been a single mom, almost a year, and I feel like I want to be in a relationship,” she said on a recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. We’ve seen her toil with the idea of making her and Romeo Miller a sure thing (again), but this time, she turns to him to help her possibly find a new beau. Watch the clip below to see what he says:

From his reaction, it seems as if Romeo is a little confused as to whether Angela wants a date, period, or to date him. But think about it, would you ever sacrifice a friendship for the sake of being in a relationship with that person? There’s so much that comes with that. Thinking, will I lose this person in my life if it doesn’t work out? Or even, just because we work out as friends, does that mean it’ll make for a great romance? On both ends, these two appear to be “perfect” matches, but even the mother of one admits that she’s not sure if they’re meant to be together now, or ever.

In a dream world, all couples would start off as friends, and progress to more than that, which would make for a strong bond. But sometimes, great connections are just great connections, and shouldn’t be any more than what they are. Sometimes disrupting what is supposed to be, as it stands, can really mess things up.

The mother of one even admits that social media wants them to be together.

Over the summer, the actor and fashion designer seemed to be spending quite a bit of time together, especially for work. Even though proximity has a lot to do with chemistry (platonic or otherwise), these best friends give the impression of not wanting to ruin a good thing. If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it, right? They’re taking their time to figure out what works for them. If it’s being together, then it’ll happen, and if it’s not, then it won’t. And that’s just it, really weighing all the options makes a world of difference.

In a friendship, you get to see someone for all their flaws without the need to put on. And that might be why you know being with them won’t work, or you could really get to know their heart, and see how it could work out. In a closeness like that, you can even make jokes that other people might not understand, like when the New Orleans native basically put in his application to be the father of the 31-year-old’s next child.

Rome and Ang have been known to make it clear that their relationship is strictly platonic, and that’s what works for them, despite what fans might want.

TELL US: Would you forego a friendship for a relationship? Why or why not?

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