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From the food choices we make to becoming who we’re meant to be, Michelle Obama is encouraging African American women to live happily and confidently. Our Forever First Lady inspired Daily Blast Live host Erica Cobb to rock her natural hair, and on Tuesday, she sported her new look for the first time, on-air.

I feel like this has been a long time coming,” said Cobb. “I kept saying we need more representation in media, then finally I was like, ‘Wait, I’m in media. What am I doing?'”

In December, the two met for the first time, and Obama complimented Erica on her strands to which she said, “Girl, well you know we can’t just wear our hair the way we want to wear our hair,” and the 55-year-old quickly let her know that’s not true. After that encounter, she realized how important this mane conversation was, especially it being one with a woman she respected because “…even in the White House, she wasn’t respected, and her hair was always a topic of conversation,” said Cobb. Watch below:

In her excitement, the host had a revelation: “She said, I can wear my hair however I want to wear my hair. All of the women out there who are feeling like you have to do a certain thing, do what makes you happy, and what makes you feel confident. If wearing your hair natural makes you happy, and confident, then you go and do just that.”

Erica, who usually sports protective styles on-air, until yesterday, thanked her bosses for allowing her to live her truth.

She even acknowledged the women who have lost their jobs for being themselves, and as she expressed, it’s time to take a stand!

TELL US: Do you think natural hair is becoming more acceptable in the professional world?

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