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The internets erupted in an uproar when a rumor started that singer Brandy Norwood’s iconic 90s braids were really lacefront wigs in disguise. One Instagram user’s input @nneunfiltered went viral, when she went to the platform to expose the alleged “deception.”

Now Brandy’s stylist, Deedra Cole, who was the architect behind Brandy’s Black “Cinderella,” look is clapping back at the myths saying they actually took the time to individually braid all those micros.

“The young lady that created that video is absolutely wrong and misinformed,” she told BET exclusively. “Unica Scott, who was Brandy’s head stylist, called me in as a second stylist to assist her in servicing Brandy because of the length of time it took to complete her hair.”

Continuing, “I was offended at first when I saw the video because Unica and I worked long hours to create her braids and I do not want the credit to go to people who are manufacturing lace front braided wigs.”

In conclusion, “I just want people to know that Brandy really did make the sacrifice to sit in that chair for long hours to get her hair braided and that I enjoyed working with her.”

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