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It seems like Michelle Williams is slowly making her way back to social media after a whirlwind year. Last week, she provided an update that though she was spending some time in “the cave,” she was doing fine.

And this week, it seems she wants to send a different message…although I’m not entirely sure what it is. Let’s see what it is, then we can discuss.

In her latest Instagram post, she shared a promotional video for ex-fiancé Chad Johnson’s Christian retreat in Phoenix, Arizona.

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A lot of people who commended Michelle on being the bigger person, taking the high road and still supporting Chad—in whatever capacity. And naturally, there were all types of questions. Were the two back together? Are they working on their relationship? Was Michelle going to be in attendance at this conference? Then there were those who wondered about the nature of the breakup. If Williams could post about Johnson, then perhaps the two didn’t end on bad terms.

A couple of followers asked outright.

One woman wrote: “Oh wait. So I wasn’t supposed to delete him? Cuz I unfollowed.”

Williams responded: “Come on y’all……be nice! I don’t want the message and intention of this post to get lose!! I love y’all so so much!! Now don’t be petty…y’all gotta be stronger for me so that when I’m tempted to be petty I can look to you guys for strength! #ChelleBelleHasSpoken.”

My friend sent this post to a group chat last night asking what we made of it. She took issue with the fact that so many of Michelle’s followers were commending her for being the bigger person and encouraging her to get back into a relationship that didn’t seem to be in her best interest, given Johnson’s comments about her taking her medication and being a bit ignorant and inexperienced when it comes to discussing issues of race.

Then, there was the question of whether or not it was necessary or even healthy to support an ex in this way.

I could see why Williams felt led to share this. If she benefitted from this retreat, maybe she felt it necessary to share the good news with other people. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

The issue here though is that given all that these two have been through, a whirlwind romance, a quick engagement, a depressive episode, a reality television show, backlash from the character flaws exposed on that reality tv show, and now their very public breakup, the last thing people are thinking about as they read this post, is the retreat Chad is hosting in Arizona.

We’re thinking about the relationship. We’re remembering the signs of what might have gone wrong. We’re wondering what actually went wrong. And with this post, we’re wondering not only if there’s a chance they’ll get back together—but whether or not they already are.

One of the biggest lessons from Chad and Michelle’s story is that there are times when you can share too much—even when you have the best intentions. And sadly, this post seems like another example of that. 

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