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It’s kind of a rule of thumb that you shouldn’t compare relationships, but you’ve got to admit that Russell Wilson‘s most recent post about Ciara makes your heart melt. The football player participated in the #GreatestLove challenge after his wife dropped her latest music video, and he basically had a TED Talk on how to show a woman you love her:

Let’s break it down…

“First of all, you inspire me. The way that you care for others, the way that you make the world a better place, how dedicated you are to being great truly inspires me,” he started off.

She’s his muse, and motivation to be better. A man should be able to express how you make him want to grow into the best version of himself. Relationships, period, are to mold and shape you into who you’re meant to be, and the person you’re with should be able to tell you how you do that for them.

“Second of all, the mother that you are: How you take care of our children—how you care for them and go wherever, whenever for them—is the most amazing thing ever.”

He sees his wife’s qualities. He notices what makes her, her. That she’s caring, loyal, trustworthy, and has a good heart. Your companion should be able to detect and list the qualities in you that are admirable to him.

“Third of all, you make me a better man. You challenge my faith, you increase my faith. The Bible says, ‘When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing,’ and I found a good thing in you,” the father of two ended.

He acknowledged that she’s worthy, a queen. Being a good thing means you’re adored and other’s can see your value. The quarterback understands the magnitude of the type of woman he has and is not willing to compromise that for anything, or anybody.

Now, if a potential or even current partner can’t see such amazing things in you, then he might not be the one. Everyone has a desire to be loved and affirmed, and not have to second guess how another person feels about them. Whatever you do, don’t settle for anything less than someone who can show and tell you how they feel, and have genuine affection for you in their heart. If he can’t communicate with you on Russell’s level about who he believes you to be, then forget him.

Love is an action word, a verb. It shows and tells, so find a partner who can do both.

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