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Malia Obama

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Malia Obama just can’t seem to live her best life without the scrutiny of the media. According to The Daily Mail, the 20-year-old allegedly has a secret Facebook page where she allegedly posted a controversial photo. The image, used as the account’s cover photo, shows a row of pink sticky notes on a kitchen shelf. The notes read, “Donald Trump is president,” “This is not normal,” “Donald Trump is evil” and “Don’t be complacent,” according to AOL.

Although it’s not confirmed if the account really belongs to the 20-year-old, former presidents’ daughters are coming to her defense, saying she deserves privacy just like anyone else. Chelsea Clinton emphasized that she should not be “anyone’s clickbait.”

While Jenna Bush Hager reiterated that there’s no real story here.

This isn’t Hager’s first time sticking up for other former first children. In August 2017, she came to the defense of Barron Trump after being bullied on social media to which Melania Trump thanked her.

As for the current Harvard student, it’s not certain whether or not these responses are about the social media account or the photos of her that surfaced of her drinking out of a bottle of rosé during a weekend spent in Miami.

And of course, just like in the past when she was “caught” smoking or out with her boyfriend, people had very mixed reviews about it, but most didn’t think her personal life warranted as much attention as it got:

Honestly, who cares? After living eight years under the pressure and scrutiny of the public, Malia owes no one anything. If anything, we owe her the ability to do what she wants to do. If this were any other college student, whose parents worked a “normal” job, no one would even think twice about making such a big deal about what she does or doesn’t do. You don’t see Barack and Michelle holding a press conference every time their daughter makes a news story or is trending, and that’s because it’s not worth the attention. Can she just live her life?

TELL US: Do you think what Malia Obama does in her private life matter to us?

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