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Amanda Seales, Myron Rolle

Source: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com, BEN GABBE/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Amanda Seales just used her social media to reveal she was the victim of sexual harassment, naming Myron Rolle, an ex-NFL player turned Harvard neurosurgeon, as the subject of her accusation.

During a recent Breakfast Club interview and again on her podcasts, Small Doses, Seales talked about an encounter where she claims she received disturbing direct messages from an unnamed source. On Monday, Seales used her InstaStories to explain why she chose to come forward.

“I really don’t take it lightly what I’m about to say, because when you name names, you know you not only put that person out there but you put yourself out there,” she said. “But, I feel as a woman who makes it my business to be a warrior for the truth, that it needs to be said. I, on my podcast, um and on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ spoke about an individual who had approached me on the Internet and we spoke on the phone, and, uhh they said some troubling things in the conversation that made me take a step back.”

Seales said she was instantly made aware the Rolle had a separate encounter with another woman, who says he greeted her at the door of his hotel room with no clothes on and then made her feel uncomfortable about her reaction. Seales says as of Monday, a total of eight women have come forward to reveal troubling behavior.

“When I spoke about him on my podcast and on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I didn’t say his name. I literally just said a couple of characteristics about him and it has been shocking and incredibly discomforting to me, how many women, 8 as of tonight, that have come forward to say his name. And that he had been incredibly problematic and behaved in a very sexually predatorial way that could have gotten him fired. I say all that to say, if you are approached by Myron Rolle, you should just be mindful,” she said in closing.

Rolle is a 32-year-old Harvard Medical School resident who initially began his career in the limelight after he was drafted to the NFL in 2010 as a member of the Tennessee Titans. In a 2017 interview with CNN, Rolle said his trajectory to explore medicine began when he read Ben Carson’s autobiography, “Gifted Hands.” After graduating from Florida State University, he postponed his NFL career to attend Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

For Seales, this is the second time she reported contact with a prominent male harasser. In 2017, she retold an uncomfortable tale where Russell Simmons asked if the two had ever “f—–d.”

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