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Mary J. Blige

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Mary J. Blige is over being the breadwinner in a relationship. After finalizing her divorce with Kendu Isaacs, who she was married to for 12 years, she said she needs a man with some of his own dough. In a recent interview with DJ Ace on BBC Radio 1Xtra, she said she’s not babysitting anymore: “He has to have more money than me, that’s for sure,” she said. “Because I’m not taking care of any more men!” Listen below:

And that’s too real! Oftentimes in the black community, women are in relationships where they’re making more money than their partner, for whatever the case may be, and then their needs aren’t getting met. Men are meant to be the provider, and if he can’t, take a page out of Mary’s book. Let that man go, sis.

The singer was paying her ex-husband $30,000 every month in temporary spousal support, reports Page Six, and he made an attempt in court to seek out $65,000, but it was rejected. And during their marriage, he was spending her money on things that would eventually separate the two for good, like travel expenses on a woman he was having an affair with, according to Madame Noire.

But not even her past experiences have made her jaded. MJB is looking forward to the future with a fresh perspective, and positivity. She’s starring in a new Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, and is in the best shape of her life. Her Instagram posts don’t lie.

Although she would like to be boo’d up, the 48-year-old is truly living and stressing no more. “I’m having a ball. I’m having so much fun. I’m free,” she said. “Free in my mind. Free in my spirit. Free to be me, to do me and just enjoy my life and have people enjoy it with me.” That’s a level of life we’re all trying to achieve!

And the people who you choose to enjoy it with you, especially a significant other, should pour into you as much as they pull out of you, that includes money too. While having stacks isn’t everything, it sure is something. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve because then you’ll be putting up with things you never wanted to deal with.

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