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Does it ever feel like men are speaking a different language, and you just can’t comprehend why they do the things that they do? It’s almost as if you start to question if it’s you or him, but sis, it’s him. Author DeVon Franklin just released his latest book, “The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know,” and it’s sure to give us some insight into a world we never understood before.

The 40-year-old disclosed that the idea for this narrative was inspired by a revelation he had as a teenager when he found out his father stepped out on his mother, according to Black Enterprise. “That really devastated me [and] rocked me to my core. If my father cheated on my mother, then what does that say about me?… Does that mean the apple falls far from the tree or does it not?”


With time in self-reflection and really coming to understand himself and his motives, the pastor wanted a way to uplift his brothers to move away from harmful behavior patterns that would affect the way they do relationships. “This is not a book about how women need to do better or how women need to be more supportive of men,” he said, reports TheGrio. “This is a book about what men can do better and offers women information along the way. It’s really about us being accountable and being responsible for our own behavior and making sure that women are no longer in the dark about us. Most women don’t understand men and vice versa.”

The motivational speaker uses the analogy of a K9 to explain how guys work, and the goal he’s trying to accomplish between the lines of his “manual”: “Every man has a dog inside of them but every man also has a better man inside of them,” he said. “Every man has the master in them. If there’s good in that man, what is the plan to tap into that? There’s something that can be done about it.” Tapping into that will help them not to train, but master what’s on the inside.


Although this isn’t necessarily a book for us, it will give us a better comprehension of our partners, and the areas of their lives they have to work on to improve their quality of life and resist urges that won’t be beneficial to pursue in the long run. And as you might already know, Franklin isn’t speaking from a place of ignorance, he’s coming from a place of experience — having been married to actress Meagan Good since 2012. The two previously penned a book called “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love,” where they shared about dating, marriage and abstaining from sex until saying “I do.”

“I personally put a lot of time and effort into saying: ‘How can I become a good husband and be a good husband to her?’ the producer explained, according to Essence. “And she puts a lot of time into how to become and be a good wife to me. But now, sometimes my version of being a good husband, maybe my version, it may not always be the version she needs. And sometimes her version of being a good wife, maybe her version of what a good wife should be but isn’t always the version I need.”

That’s such an interesting thought…sometimes our expectations of what we think we should be isn’t what the other person wants. And in turn, it helps us gain perspective on fighting our initial desires for the sake of bettering our relationship to understand our motives behind why we do what we do. Listen to what DeVon had to say about being disciplined in dating, and learning how to commit:


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