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Do you ever get tired of just endless scrolling on Instagram and looking at the same accounts? There are over 1 billion users on the platform, so it should be easy to get some diversity on your timeline. If you want hair tips, fashion inspo, or new recipes to test out, try following these black girls to enhance your timeline.


Stephanie C. Nnamani is the beautiful soul behind @tefftheory. The earthy and neutral tones featured on her account will inspire you to assign your grid a theme that will bless anyone who stumbles upon it. She also has her own design, direction, photography, and consulting digital studio called, Story Theory, where you get to see pieces of her artistry on Instagram that will have you on your creative status.


Asiyami Gold is a Nigerian creative director and producer, who basically uses the platform as her blog/portfolio for ultimate effectiveness. Her travels, fashion and the delicious foods she consumes can all be experienced on her beautiful photo preset-filled account. Experience life with her!


Vicky Logan is a content creator, influencer and all-around hustle wife. From snippets of her makeup tutorials to her personalized hashtag, #vickyloganstyle, you’ll fall in love with all she has to offer. Not only are her pictures bomb, but she’s active on Instagram Live! So there’s a good possibility you’ll get to experience her personality in its fullness.


It’s no secret that Alex Elle keeps it all the way real. The author holds nothing back when it comes to her holds that encourage, motivate, and inspire all who come to her page. She will have you examining the deepest parts of yourself that you weren’t even aware needed to be reached.



Tristen is truly a woman who has her own. From her non-profit, Turning Paiges, which helps to build community through outreach and advocacy to showing off her fabulous wardrobe to not being shy about expressing her faith, you get a sneak peek into the mother of one’s life. She’s not afraid to get real, deep, and vulnerable with a captivating photo to accompany her captions.



In correlation with her handle, you see Jaelan’s face first, but upon following her more closely, you begin to see that she’s more than just her pretty exterior. In between the selfies, the 21-year-old posts scriptures and inspirational quotes to uplift those who think they’re only here to see her beat a face or what new hairstyle she’s rocking.


If you didn’t know Jessica Franklin, you’d think her full-time gig was as a world traveler, when in fact it’s not. Her Instagram is full of alluring photos from her adventures with friends, fitness content and all the style looks. This influencer will have you inspired to live your best life, and not wait for your friends to book their tickets.


As the founder of Live Deeply Rooted, Sopha Rush uses her influence to promote sisterhood, faith, and unity all through the lens of her account. You can count on receiving an encouraging word every day, sometimes multiple times a day from her that will surely speak to you. And you get to see her beautiful family in the process!


Although Raven Elyse likes to constantly describe her life as, “in shambles,” her Instagram would tell you otherwise. The lifestyle and beauty YouTuber uses her grid to give her followers a look into her ever-changing hair, fashion finds, and what her 2-year-old daughter, Ziya is up to. And from time-to-time, you’ll see her stepping out for the evening with her closest friends.


Kelsey Murrell is one-half of the YouTube duo, The Glam Twinz with her sister Kendra. And every day, she’s serving up looks on the ‘gram. One day she’ll be sporty, the next, glam or even straight causal, but whatever the vibe is, it’ll leave you wanting to know where every piece of her clothing came from, and how she styled it in that way.


Kendra is the other half of The Glam Twinz, and she’ll give you the hair and makeup inspiration you’re looking for, especially if you love a more effortless look. It’s almost as if she doesn’t have to try. Her page is for if you want to look like you did the most while really doing the least.


Hermela is an Ethiopian YouTuber who will have you wanting to go natural because her hair is #goals! This girl’s mane is just impeccable. Her account gives you inside access to the products she uses to achieve her curls and from time to time you’ll get blessed with instruction on how her coils are perfectly created.


With her nickname as “The Glamaholic,” Jayla Koriyan is nothing short of the glitz and living her best life for the world to see. From style to finding the best seafood in NYC to learning out the updates on her weave/wig line, this influencer is not shy about switching up her look and will never have you tired of scrolling through her photos.


If food is your jam, then Kalisa Marie is your girl! The chef is the co-founder of The Runaway Experience, which is a curated travel experience all around the world with great places to eat as one of the main focuses. She is constantly showing off the food she’s eating, whether it’s made from scratch or purchased at a location that you definitely need to check out. And her hashtag #kalisamarieeats will have your mouth drooling all day.


Sade Spence is an entertainment reporter who is always on the grind, but it absolutely pays off. Take a look into who she’s interviewing, what she’s working on, her everyday life. Her drive will have you wanting to work harder to achieve your dreams.

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