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Just a few days ago, Naomie Chaput accused Future of refusing to let “fatties” into a Miami nightclub he was performing at, which she took very personally. The rapper has released his response saying that what she blamed him for was absolutely false (and that she was trying to capitalize off his fame).

He took to Twitter to express his thoughts:

So what did the plus-size model actually say when she called him out? “So, just got news that this is true, that Future said no fatties in the club—and he has all the rights to do so…I’m just trying to understand really why this is, like, a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place…the discrimination is insane to me…And it’s not that I wanted to see Future personally, because I don’t give a d*mn about no f**king rappers, but it’s the fact that it’s a thing in 2019 where we can say, ‘No fatties on the club.'” Watch below:

Now, it’s hard to prove whether or not the father of three allegedly said that or not, but if proven to be true, it wouldn’t be the first time a man placed discriminatory restrictions on a woman, especially for her appearance. It could be while on a date or just scrolling through social media, but unfortunately, there’s always something to criticize: hair type, weight, if she has her nails done, tiny waist, the list goes on. But, it should never get to the point where guidelines or regulations are put in place to prohibit another person from living their everyday life. Never.

Regardless, the Internet seemed to have mixed reactions on this whole situation:


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