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From self-care and entrepreneur tips from Yandy Smith to Quick Bites with Chef Jernard, we’re continuing our CLEO TV: In the House series with CLEO TV’s hosts of Living By Design, Jake and Jazz Smollett.

Join Jake and Jazz for short-form design projects and tips to spruce up your home. Jake will show you easy DIY projects and Jazz will show you interior design tips that will add flavor to your home. And, once you’re done redesigning your home, head to the kitchen for delicious cooking tutorials.

Living By Design on IGTV


Jake will kick off the series making a headboard. Jazz will share her top interior design tips. And, this sibling duo will come together to cook a delicious meal.

To watch this home decor and design series, tune in to CLEO TV’s IGTV page. Follow CLEO TV on Instagram and turn on our notifications button. We’ll see you at home with Jake and Jazz Smollett.

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