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ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Season 16

Source: Randy Holmes / Getty

Tiffany Haddish will give a second performance in Miami after her infamous New Year’s Eve performance went viral.

Now she hopes to get back into their good graces and will be making a return fairly soon.

“I’m going back this summer and I’m going to be doing a big show,” Haddish, 39, said during a Wednesday taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “And anyone who has a ticket from New Year’s Eve, from that night, they can get in for free if they present the ticket. If they don’t have the ticket it will be, like, $20.”

Haddish said the proceeds from the show will go to a good cause and will donate the money to the Department of Children Services. DCS holds a place in Haddish’s heart as she’s openly shared her upbringing in the foster care system.

She also offered some sort of reasoning as to why she was off on that fateful night by having maybe one too many drinks at the urging of her friends.

“I danced all night. I drank more than I ever have in my entire life,” she said. “My kidneys fell out. I’m pretty sure my Uber rating dropped a little low because I pooped on myself a little bit … It was bad.”

When she woke up the next morning and even after she went on stage, Haddish said she was out of it.

“I was looking at everybody and I saw the lights and my soul just left my body,” she quipped.

The moment was soon etched into the ethers of the internet after social media got wind of what went down. Fans at the show boo’d and some even walked out as Haddish stood on the stage at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

As a result, she’s banned cell phones from any performances going forward. We hope that Miami is open to another chance!

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