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Split Teyana Taylor and Elton John

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Teyana Taylor‘s self-directed music video for ‘Lose Each Other’ is here and it features the Rocketman himself, Elton John. To celebrate the release, both singers hopped on Instagram Live and what followed was an emotional Taylor after John expressed what it was like to work with her on their new video.

“The video for example is so beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful videos. The dancing is just so sublime,” shared the 73-year-old singer-songwriter.

“It’s just like a work of art. I think you put so much of yourself in the video. I can see you in the video putting your thoughts and ideas. I’m so proud of you. I’m not a big fan of music videos normally but this one is a work of art and I’m so pleased to be a part of it. You’re my girl, you know that.”

The mother of two is visibly trying to hold her tears back while she thanks him several times for his praise and recognition. The Harlem native expressed how the power of social media can at times get the best of her but to hear from an “actual legend” makes the difference.

“Well, my job as an older performer and an aging artist, what I love doing is to support people like you who are just starting out and making fantastic music,” the pianist said. “You’re not getting the recognition you’re getting but it’s going to happen. And it’s happening in a good way.”


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