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This year has been far from extraordinary for Megan Thee Stallion: from having fellow Houston native Beyoncé hop on the “Savage” remix and making it her first top 10 hit in the U.S. to becoming a Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon; it’s clear why the 25-year-old was chosen as GQ’s Rapper of the Year.

Following the Tory Lanez incident which resulted in gunshot wounds to both her feet, Megan is constantly reminding herself to “Always trust your first mind,” which is her way of saying “Listen to your gut,” and understands the realities of what Black women experience at a young age.

“…there’ll be times that I’m in an apartment with my mama and I know something’s wrong, but I don’t know what it is,” she shared with GQ as if she’s addressing her mother directly. “And you’re putting on a face…. You are acting like everything was okay so I feel comfortable. I feel like a lot of Black girls learn that early. I did. I do that a lot.”

So much so that the BET Award winner felt the need to be strong for everybody, even when she needed the support the most.

When speaking on the quick success of Cardi B and Megan’s “WAP” which scored her second No. 1, she recalled the reaction to former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine — or as Megan refers to her as, “some Republican lady.” In August, Lorraine tweeted, “America needs far more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B.”

“And I was like, ‘Girl, you literally had to go to YouTube or to your Apple Music to go listen to this song in its entirety. How are you in your Republican world even finding your way over here to talk about this? You must not have noooo WAP if you’re mad at this song.’”

2019 BET Hip Hop Awards - Show

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“Sometimes people are really not comfortable enough with themselves, and I don’t think they like to watch other people be comfortable with themselves. And I don’t think they want anybody to teach other people how to be comfortable with themselves,” she stated.

“I feel like a lot of men just get scared when they see women teaching other women to own sex for themselves,” she continued. “Sex is something that it should be good on both ends, but a lot of times it feels like it’s something that men use as a weapon or like a threat. I feel like men think that they own sex, and I feel like it scares them when women own sex.”

When asked what she hoped she was inspiring women to do, she had a specific message for Black women:

“I want Black women to be louder,” she said. “I want us to be sassier. I want us to demand more, be more outspoken, keep speaking and just keep demanding what you deserve. Don’t change—just get better. Grow from these situations. Don’t be beating yourself up about these situations, because that’d be a lot of problems too. I feel we keep this stuff in and there’s some kind of way we flip it on ourselves. We didn’t fuck up—We didn’t do something wrong, and it’s like, ‘No, girl, relax. You just needed somebody to come stir the Kool-Aid.’”

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