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Tamron Hall welcomed a baby boy into the world on April 24 at 48-years- old. It was a dream come true for the journalist, who announced she was pregnant a little over a month before he was born in March at 32 weeks.

Now the new mama is opening up about why she waited so long to announce she was expecting.

“I was high-risk, not just because of my age, but there were other medical factors too,” Hall told People.

“My doctor said, ‘This is your body, your health. You share of your journey what you want to share. I was terrified I would lose this baby and I would have to go back and tell everyone that now it was bad news, and after this pregnancy had gone so far.”

She continued to express her trepidation to go public by explaining, “I just wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with that. That’s why I waited. And trust me — if I could’ve gone the whole way to delivery, I would’ve.”

Hall began fertility treatments in her 30s and re-started them again in her late 40s. She explained that going to the fertility clinic made her feel more sad than empowered, because so many women struggle and not enough women find success.

“I knew that the clock was not on my side,” Hall told People.  “When I tried in my 30s, I still felt like I had some time, and the fertility clinic felt like a bright room. In my 40s I saw all the gray: The faces looked gray, the walls were gray, nothing seemed shiny and optimistic.”

The road to fertility was wrought with setbacks and frustration.

“Just like with my job search during that time, there were so many frustrations: I’m putting in the work, I’m taking care of my mind and my body and I’m being rejected,” she continues. “I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute. What have I done wrong here?’ Somehow, like Rocky, I kept getting up.”

But her persistence paid off, and now she is married, the mother of one, and starting a new show come September.

“I’m from the South, and there’s a saying: ‘It’s not a setback; it’s a setup for something else,’ ” she said. “That loss set me up for, yes, a dream job but also my baby, my husband, my family. I just couldn’t see it coming.”

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