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Singer Ari Lennox’s trip abroad was disrupted when she was accused of stealing from a clothing store.

The songstress was shopping at Zara in London, when she encountered racism by the employees.

“Zara in London on Oxford street had the most racist and disrespectful customer service I’ve experienced awhile. And the manager’s excuse for their evil attitudes was “sorry our workers are tired” tf?,” she tweeted to her fans.

Shortly after this tweet, she revealed Zara’s staff took their discrimination up another notch when they accused her theft.

“Yo now is accusing me of stealing!!!!!” the rising star wrote at the time.

She explained that she racked up a $400 bill on her own and had not taken the bracelet they accused her of shoplifting.

“Man I wish after spending 400 dollars at Zara that I would steal a bralette that I’ve never seen in my life! The triff lady ringing me up either accidentally placed the item in my bag or it was intentional. The security guard demanded I pay for the item or they’d call the police.”

Continuing, “I told them mfrs to call the police! I didn’t steal anything. The worst part was all the white people looking at me as if I did do it. The worst feeling in the world. The most embarrassing feeling.”

After all of the chaos, it’s clear that Zara just lost a major customer.

“Definitely returning all this shit tomorrow,” Lennox said.








Fans of Ari’s will certainly take this attack into consideration the next time they are thinking about doing some shopping for new clothes. #ShoppingWhileBlack is all too real, and those who profile Black shoppers are definitely underestimating the power of having a platform and the economic power of the Black dollar.

Hopefully this incident, which most likely is not a stand alone moment,  will incite change in the company’s treatment of customers.

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