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Lauren London and Michael B. Jordan

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Lauren London is coming back to the big screen. The actress, who took some much-needed time away from the limelight after losing her partner Nipsey Hussle, makes her return alongside Michael B. Jordan in the new action-packed film, Without Remorse.

Jordan was elated to share the project with fans finally.

“I waited almost a year to share this with y’all,” Jordan tweeted. “Official trailer for Tom Clancy’s #WithoutRemorse – Hittin @AmazonPrimeVideo April 30.”


The film — based on Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name — occurs in a war-torn region of Syria, where an elite team of Navy SEALs led by Sr. Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) rescues a CIA operative taken hostage by ex-Russian military forces. Three months later, in apparent retaliation for his role in the mission, Kelly’s pregnant wife, who Lauren London plays, is murdered in the U.S. by a squad of masked Russian assassins. Despite being shot multiple times himself, Kelly manages to kill all but one of the attackers before being rushed to the hospital. Once healed from his injuries, a rogue Kelly tracks down the corrupt Russian diplomat who issued the passports to his wife’s murderers and heads on a top-secret mission to capture him and face justice.

The film also stars Queen & Slim actress Jodie Turner-Smith


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Watch the trailer from the film, Without Remorse:

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