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Jay Z And Beyonce Knowles

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Rapper/mogul Jay Z’s decision to partner with the NFL was a polarizing choice in the court of public opinion. Fans have gone so far as to call the 49-year-old a hero for his actions and critics have painted the father of three as a sellout.

One person on the “hero” side of the conversation is Jay’s mother in law, Tina Lawson.

Tina, who is very active on social media, reposted a meme from a fan page that asked why people were outraged about Jay’s NFL partnership, without acknowledging Jay’s heavy philanthropic work, including sending millions of cases of water to Flint, Michigan amid the lead crisis. The meme pointed a finger at “blue check” Twitter–folks with a large social following who may not leverage their platform for social justice or reform.

“Repost: Good question,” Tina captioned the photo.



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Repost: good question

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This isn’t the first time Tina has stepped in to publicly praise her son. On his 49th birthday last year, Tina wrote a touching message for Jay, explaining that she has watched him grow tremendously in the past few years and hailing him as a great father and husband.

“A very Happy Birthday to my amazingly talented , super smart, gracious, classy , filled with swag son in law,” she wrote last year.

“I have witnessed your loyalty to all of your friends, some from childhood if only we all could be so supportive of our friends and share a mutual love and respect for each other like you and your amazing friends ❤You have done so much for our Culture , Thank you for that! I could not be more happy to have you in my family and could not be more happy to be in yours. (Gloria and Grandma Hattie you did great)❤I have watched you grow personally in leaps and bounds and you are an incredible husband and the best Father! I love you.”

Good to see the family hold it down for Jay as he battles the heat of bad press.

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