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Imagine Dragons perform live at NBC's 'Today Show'

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote her self-titled talk show, which begins September 9, Tamron Hall talked about not having hard feelings about the circumstances surrounding her exit from Today. She does admit though that when she left the iconic morning show in 2017 upon news that Megyn Kelly was going to take over her Today’s Take hour with Al Roker, she was down and wasn’t sure what she was going to do next.

“When I left my prior job, I didn’t know how or what I would be doing,” she said. “I knew I would be a journalist, that’s what I do for a living. I wasn’t going to go be a blackjack dealer somewhere. I knew I would return to what I love, but I didn’t know who for. I sat down and I had a talk with my mother and I told her I wanted to create something that would make her proud and that would make me feel satisfied and that really would bring in all of this journey — the 25 years of being a journalist, the three months of being a mom and all the things I’ve experienced that don’t make me an extraordinary person but have given me an interesting view of life.”

That has turned into Tamron Hall, a much-anticipated talk show that she wouldn’t be able to have and create if she hadn’t taken such a major leap in 2017.

“I think it was being willing to be vulnerable, being willing to say it was embarrassing, I was hurt, I was on the mat,” she said. “But having people say you don’t have to stay down, that really is what our show is about. At your lowest point, you aren’t the only one going through that.”

When asked if she still speaks to anyone from her time at Today despite the less than pleasant end to her time on the show, Tamron said she maintains bonds with at least two of her former co-workers.

“You don’t just work somewhere for 10 years and not have relationships,” she said. “Savannah Gunthrie was one of the first people who knew about Moses. I called her for advice during my IVF journey. And life without Al Roker, are you kidding me? Life without Al is no life for me! [laughs] That’s the real part of it. We’ve all left jobs before. Some people you probably never want to talk to again, but there are many others that you form a life bond.”

As for the woman who did take over her spot on the morning show, Megyn Kelly, Tamron was asked if she was surprised that the former Fox News anchor’s show, Megyn Kelly Today, didn’t last long and that she was terminated from NBC. Tamron said she didn’t feel like that was a fair question for her to be asked and to ask about Megyn.

“I think that she did her best, I’m going to assume. You don’t take a big spot like that and not do your best,” she said. “I’m going to do my best in my show, but I’ve never met her. We don’t have a personal relationship, and I think that’s really what we do to each other as women, as competitors. Suddenly someone wants me to size up what she did and that’s not fair.”

She went on to maintain that she never had a gripe with her fellow journalist over the way things ended on Today. 

“My hurt had nothing to do with her,” she said. “My hurt had to do with, this is a spot that I once occupied. How do I pick myself back up? How do I continue? That had nothing to do with her. That was her journey and my journey.”

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