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Actress Jada Pinkett Smiths bag becomes the talk of the internet after fans witnessed just how she got her tea delivered to her.

In a recent Instagram post, the Baltimore native can be seen on what appears to be her property when a drone drops down and delivers her tea packets and a cup in a basket.

The Low-Down Dirty Shame actress captions the post stating “Ain’t nothing like sipp’n on a lil tea …I just happen to enjoy the herbal kind.”

As fans noticed these details, many brought up how rich she is.

“Imagine being this rich,” one fan commented.

The mother-of-two has a reported net worth of 50 million dollars.

In the Instagram video, Pinkett-Smith can be seen making her tea. At the of the clip, the Red Table Talk host simply sips her tea and resumes reading her book.

Not only did the fans talk about how rich The Set It Off actress is, but they also mentioned how the drone delivered the tea.

One Instagram user wrote, “How’s that for special delivery!!!!” Another said, “Wow that’s the coolest delivery I’ve ever seen! Love it.”

Noticing what brand of tea was being consumed in the post, a fan even questioned if they’d be provided the same lifestyle if they purchased the tea.

Despite how quietly the Daytime Emmy winner brags about her wealth, the public also got a peek at how the 50-year-old celebrated her birthday with a skating rink-themed bash that took place in her backyard.

Among those that were in attendance, were her husband, Will Smith, her son Jaden Smith, and stepson Trey Smith. Also, Pinkett-Smith’s celebrity friends were also there such as Jordyn Woods, Karl-Anthony Towns, Lauren London.

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