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Congratulations are in order for Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey as they approach their one-year anniversary.

Spending Nov.16th dedicating a few Instagram photos and videos to each other on their Instagram stories, however, the couple remain subtle and didn’t make any posts on their pages.

“I love them together,” one fan wrote reacting to the news of the couple’s one-year anniversary.

Another user says, “He treats my girl right, love that for her.”

The 24-year-old posted on her Instagram stories of the two enjoying a nice dinner. Not disclosing where they were, she reveals a customized menu that reads “Happy Anniversary Michael and Lori.”

The menu also shows the meals “Roasted Sunchoke, Smoked Eel, Stone Crab” were all listed.

“Lori just tell us what to do, write the book. Bc you know what you doing child,” one fan asks Harvey what to do to achieve the same results.

Jordan, on the other hand, posted several private, never-before-seen images of himself and Harvey being amorous with one another.

The first never-before-seen photo is Harvey kissing him on the cheek. The next photo,  she is laying her head on his chest.

Several fans consider the two’s one-year anniversary to be significant. Despite being in previous, relationships, Harvey’s past and public relationships were short-lived. Unlike his significant other, Jordan, has never been publicly linked to anyone.

Addressing the rumors swirling if their relationship was real, the Creed actor clears the rumors during an interview with Men’s Health this past May.

“I’m never going to make everybody happy,” says the 34-year-old. “People are always going to have their opinions about me.”

Continuing his statement, Jordan says “People that know me know my heart. But people that know me for my work … they know what I allow them to know.”

Congratulations to Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey! Tell us down below how do/did you celebrate your one-year anniversary!

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