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Vanessa Bryant is continuing to keep her late husband/NBA icon, Kobe Bryant’s legacy alive, with a new business venture.

TMZ Sports confirmed that Bryant filed legal documentation of four new trademarks on Nov. 5 to start a winery in honor of her late husband.

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“Kobe Bryant LLC (a company owned by Vanessa Bryant) has filed 4 new trademarks: 1. MAMBA VINO 2024; 2. MAMBA VINO 24; 3. MAMBA VINO 8; 4. MAMBA VINO,” Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney tweeted.

Paying tribute to the late Lakers player, the trademarked business name is a combination of two nicknames he had.

“Mamba” is based on his moniker, “Black Mamba,” which he gave himself after being inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill. The mamba snake was used as a code for “deadly assassin” in the 2003 film.

Vino” was a lesser-known nickname of the late 41-year-old after a friend described him getting better with age, much like wine.

“This is Vanessa Bryant’s latest business venture,” TMZ said. “She recently filed a trademark for digital collectible items, training camps, broadcasting platforms, as well as T-shirts.”

The mother of four also paid homage to her late husband by incorporating his jersey numbers while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers 8, and 24.

“The filings, made on November 5th, indicate that MAMBA VINO-branded wine might be on store shelves soon,” Gerben tweeted.

Tell us down below if will you be supporting Vanessa Bryant’s new business venture!

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