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Keke Palmer is not here for the trolls. After a Twitter user tried to come for the actress, she quickly let them know they should find happiness elsewhere, rather than try to play her. The Internet bully insists she doesn’t book any gigs, which is why the “Pimp” star makes dance videos.

The “I Don’t Belong To You” singer was not shy in her response to the disrespectful tweet: “This is why you don’t believe everything you read online. You’re ignorant Sage. I’m sorry you don’t have a personality unless you’re broke…but I always do, that’s why I’m never not booked. I hope you find happiness in your very dull world.” Oop!

Clearly Sage doesn’t follow the Illinois native on social media very much because she frequently posts dancing videos, just living her life because she’s a normal 25-year-old! Keke is not shy about showing her personality, ever, on social media.

Talk about personality, the songwriter recently took to Instagram to show off her hangtime after growing out her hair for two years, post big chop. Palmer is giving us all the life with her “laid, slayed, organic” hair, even joking about feeling like she’s in the show Full House.

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