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Photo by: Presley Ann/Contributor

Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman and New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard’s nearly four-year marriage will soon dissolve.

The couple is “getting divorced,” according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly on Wednesday.


Source: ANGELA WEISS/ Contributor / Getty

“They are going to try and remain civil and friendly towards each other,” the source revealed to the publication.

It was confirmed by Us Weekly. Shepard filed for divorce in June of this year, less than two years after Iman gave birth to their second child, Cassie. According to Us, the celebrity couple met at retired New York Giants star Victor Cruz’s 30th birthday party in 2016.

“I approached her and asked her if she wanted a drink, and we were just talking for the rest of the party, and then we went to some club for the afterparty and kept talking,” the wide receiver revealed to the publication.

He continued.

“I got her number, and we went our own separate ways, but we stayed in contact.”

The couple got married in March 2018. Iman nor Shepard haven’t revealed any inclination of relationship issues on social media.

In December, Iman uploaded several holiday photos on Instagram with her two girls, but her superstar husband was noticeably absent.

Shephard also shared recent images of him with the children on his Instagram, but none of them feature his wife.

According to ESPN, the 28-year-old former Oklahoma City second-round pick has spent the previous three weeks rehabbing after ripping his left Achilles tendon in a Dec. 19 defeat to the Dallas Cowboys.

“I’ve been pulling myself out of dark places since I was a child. I’m built for this,” Shephard tweeted on Dec. 21.

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