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Looks like Swizz Beatz ain’t want NO smoke with fans over VERZUZ!

After facing a backlash for needing a Thriller subscription to see this upcoming show, Swizz Beatz claims VERZUZ would be back on Instagram Live.

“See y’all rite here tomorrow on insta @verzuztv Who y’all rocking with @anthonyhamiltonofficial or @musiqsoulchild ? You can also watch in HD on verzuztv.com . I was out the country don’t ask me who did it it’s fixed bless up love y’all..” the 43-year-old producer wrote on Instagram.

The official Verzuz Instagram page provided a teaser for the impending clash between Anthony Hamilton and Musiq Soulchild on Feb. 14.

“TOMORROW NIGHT [Anthony Hamilton] vs [Musiq Soulchild] 2/15. To watch, sign up NOW for the #TrillerVerzPass (14-Day trial* included!! DON’T WAIT!!) LINK IN BIO!!!” the promotional post stated.

Fans headed to social media where their outrage was displayed this morning when they learned that they would have to pay to watch the show, which will air tonight.

“Umm.. #Dear #VerzuzTv I THINK TF NOT,” one Twitter user stated in reference to the new plan.

Another fan gave their disappointed commentary after the news that people would have to pay to watch the two legendary artists duke it out.

“I was truly looking forward to watching #Musiq and #AnthonyHamilton on #VERZUZ tomorrow but uhhhh…looks like imma pass on paying for it and just turn my phone playlist on”

Verzuz TV has been a significant part of the Black culture since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

It brought together some of the most iconic Hip-Hop and R&B artists to duel their best tunes from their era while fans can follow the show on social media.

Would you pay for any upcoming VERZUZ?

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