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What defines an it girl? Short answer, she does. Rising female artist today are it girls are one-of-kind like some of the beautiful celeb women on this list. From Victoria Monet — who owned the summer with her anthem On My Mama– to Coco Jones — actress, stylista, and “ICU” singer — it girls are captivating, and have great style and talent.

Female Artists Today

Victoria Monet In Concert - New York, NY

Source: Udo Salters Photography / Getty

Victoria Monet is ushering in a new era of female R&B with her smooth vocals, songwriting ability, and live performances that showcase her raw talent and impeccable breath control. This it girl is compared to sometimes compared to Beyonce′ as next up. Not only does her mic stay on, but she also has a mean pen game.

Tyla’s song Water has inspired a viral TikTok trend with fans and celebrities like a very pregnant Ciara showing off how she moves her hips.

Coco Jones has proven herself to be a force in the R&B space giving us the chart-topping ballad, ICU, that lived at the top of our playlists and gave the stylish it girl her first major breakout hit.

coco jones

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty

We didn’t expect Lola Brooke to give us a timeless summer bop with Bryson Tiller and French Montana- staking her place in the rap game and elevating her artistry under the creative direction of Teyana Taylor.

Lady London, real name Zaire Miylaun, proved she’s one of rap’s upcoming phenoms with her highly-praised BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle on the culturally-relevant cyphers. Rapping over Timbaland’s N*gga What, N*gga Who beat — produced for Jay Z.

All of the above it girls are defining success and influence in their own ways. They are remixing hip-hop anthems, setting new trends, upending social media, and standing on business. 

See ten it girls, we can’t stop obsessing over below. 

10 Rising Artists Taking Over The Game With Their Talent, Style And It Factor  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Tyla

Tyla Source:Getty

The creator of the “Water” challenge has an enchanting rhythm and a face card that doesn’t decline. We were excited for her to team up with Summer Walker for one of the Girls Mixes of Walker’s “Girls Need Love,” and she did what needed to be done. We can’t wait to see what the South African singer does next. 


2. Baby Tate

Baby Tate Source:Getty

We first fell for Baby Tate when she reminded us why it never pays to be a Barbara The Builder. Then she taught her the importance of saying our Bad B*tch affirmations, and we were completely hooked! An energetic rapper who is serious about the craft of performing and helps us manifest? *sprinkle, sprinkle* 

3. Maiya The Don

Maiya The Don Source:Getty

The “Telfy” rapper is always in her bag. Her music is perfect for the commutes we’ve gone back to since our bosses started tripping. Starting out as a beauty influencer, she has a command of how the internet works that shows up in her rhymes. She hops from calling out “Dusties” to becoming a certified lover girl with the quickness. 


4. KenTheMan

KenTheMan Source:Getty

The baritone Houston Spitter is confident, sexy, and pro-woman. Her flow is versatile, and her intentions are to promote confidence among her listeners. She openly rejects toxic masculinity in her bars. Yea, we’ll join her. 

5. Lola Brooke 

Lola Brooke  Source:Getty

We can’t get enough of the little woman with the big personality. Her raspy voice and rugged bars are exactly what we need when it’s go time. 

6. Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet Source:Getty

Monet is the perfect combination of a lethal pen and an angelic energy. Her creativity catapulted a hood classic into a mainstream celebration of Black mamas. She is gracious and patient about her path to full-blown stardom even though the world can see how undeniable her talent is. How could we not stan? 

7. Coco Jones

Coco Jones Source:Getty

We dubbed Coco Jones the new It Girl in 2022, and we are still standing ten toes down on that declaration. Her acceptance speech for Best New Artist at the BET Awards made us love her even more. While others might have complained about the industry sleeping on them, Jones showed appreciation for finally making it to the top of her decade-long climb through the entertainment industry. The grace? The vocals? We can’t even! 

8. Mariah the Scientist

Mariah the Scientist Source:Getty

“Stone Cold” stays at the top of our cuffing season for good reason, but something is refreshing about her as well. In a world where everyone feels like they shouldn’t have to clear things up, there’s something about Mariah’s openness we really like. She’s like our little sister, who has to move on her own time. 

9. Aliyah Interludes

Everybody knows that Black girls invented the Y2K trends that are making the rounds on the clock app right now. Aliyah’s Interlude has reclaimed the aesthetic in a major way. From her Starry style ear muffs to her blinged-out hip-hugging belts, we can’t get enough of the actual it girl behind the song that’s taking over our for you page. We want more from her, and her should bags right away. 

10. Lady London

Lady London Source:Getty

With bars and beauty for days, Lady London has her sights on taking over the rap game. “I want you to listen to my music and leave more confident than you came in,” she said in an interview with Essence’s Girls United. During a time when sex-laced music is ever popular, Lady London says you can be both sexual and intellectual. “You can be somebody who’s expressive of your sexuality. At the same time, you can be somebody who’s expressive of your intellectual capabilities, and I like to stand in that middle ground as much as I can.”