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Black women did what we had to do in the 2016 election, with 98% of us voting for Hillary Clinton, and we’re here to do it again. We are marching (or sashaying depending on who you ask) to the polls to flex our right to vote and using our style to make a fashion statement as big as our political views.

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The stakes are at a high this election.

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While attire that bears the name or face of your political party is banned at certain polling locations throughout the United States (see here what you can and can’t wear to the polls), it’s not against the law to wear campaign slogans or statements like “I Can’t Breath” that speak volumes about your vote. Black women are showing their allegiance to the Biden/Harris ticket with their fashion. From Kamala crew necks to rocking the “I Voted” sticker in fabulous ways, here’s how Black women are dressed to cast their ballot!

Black Women Use Fashion to Make Big Statements at The Polls  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Sadé Spence

Sadé Spence Source:@SadeASpence

“Exercising your right to vote is so important, especially when our community fought for the ability to do so decades ago, and still is thanks to voter suppression in the middle of civil unrest and a global pandemic. I made sure I went to the polls early dressed in blue jeans, a blue cropped polo top, and a blue mask to represent my party; The party that’s fighting to unite our country, rather than destroy it. #BidenHarris2020”

2. Danielle James

Danielle James Source:@TheIslanDiva

“My voting experience in Harlem was seamless. I voted early on a rainy Thursday. The polling site was clean and directions were clear. The poll workers were cheery!

It’s not only our civic duty to vote but also an honor. We get dressed up for our first day of school, we pick a fancy dress for our wedding, we put thought into our first date look…I wanted to do the same as I did my part to enact change in America.

Sashay to the polls!”

3. Syreta Oglesby

Syreta Oglesby Source:Syreta Oglesby

“Voting is my right. Voting is my privilege. It is my responsibility to show up at every election as we all have the opportunity to affect change on all levels. All elections are important but this election hits different in a global pandemic and amidst civil and social unrest. We have to reflect and initiate the change we choose to see in our communities locally and abroad. We are forever indebted to the fearless men and women who sacrificed their time, energy, blood, sweat, tears and lives for our basic human right to vote. 

My outfit was inspired by the fact that we have a Vice Presidential candidate who is a fearless Black Woman. She, like me, happens to be a proud graduate of a HBCU. She, like me, happens to be a proud member of the DIVINE 9. For her to be on an international stage vying for such a powerful position is an inspiration.”

4. Lauren Napier

Lauren Napier Source:@LaurenNapier
“I thought it was important to vote early and in person. On 10/24 at 10:00 I was in line when the polls opened. It was the first day of early voting, it was sunny, it took me 4 hours … in NYC! It was the longest I’ve ever had to wait to vote but I’d do it all over again. I am wearing it like a badge of honor. But, we have to make voting more accessible. That’s an indisputable fact. No one should have to wait that long to exercise their fundamental rights.❤️”

5. Kaliswa

Kaliswa Source:@Kaliswa
“I had to vote early because I’m a poll worker and so I’m going to be working all day on Election Day. I got to the polls at 6:15 am thinking I’d be early for a 7:00 opening. Boy was I wrong! There was already a line of maybe 60-70 people. To be honest I was bundled up in my puffy coat because it was COLD (34 degrees). But I wore my Phenomenal sweatshirt with the Kamala quote “I’m Speaking.” I ordered it the night of the VP debate and I think there were some serious Black Girl Magic vibes going on because it arrived the day before I voted!!! You aren’t supposed to wear political paraphernalia to the polls so I had to keep it covered up under my puffy coat, but it FELT good to know I had it on- “I’m Speaking” felt really powerful as I cast my vote for Biden/Harris. And it was awesome to see so many black people lined up to vote early. We showed up and showed out like our ancestors would want us to.❤️”

6. Meka King

Meka King Source:@MekaKing
“I wore my sorority paraphernalia to vote because Kamala Harris is my Soror! I wanted to represent! Down to the chucks! Alpha Kappa Alpha has always stressed service to ALL mankind. That’s extremely important to me and it’s what my vote represented in this election!” 💗💚❤️”

7. Sadé Thomas

Sadé Thomas Source:Sadé Thomas

“With this year having so many ups and downs, I couldn’t wait to vote. This was also my first time voting ever! I became a citizen shortly after Trump got elected because who knows what he would have done to people with alien resident cards. He has let people be at a level of racism I have never seen before. It scared me. When I got the chance to vote I made sure I did everything right. I pray we don’t get another 4 years of this man. Please go vote! #Biden2020

8. Sarah Nassimbwa Ruffin

Sarah Nassimbwa Ruffin Source:Sarah Nassimbwa Ruffin

“Voting was quick as I voted early. I wore my “hope” shirt because of Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan — “Hope and Change We Can Believe In.”

9. Tavia Mapp-Deterville

Tavia Mapp-Deterville Source:Tavia Mapp-Deterville
“Today is my birthday if no other reason to be hopeful for change, I felt like it change could happen today! I wore my crown, my Sean varsity jacket and Vote or Die t-shirt because Diddy is my second favorite Scorpio after me.”