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Tonight, the drama of all wig-snatching dramas is leaving the air.

Annalise and the gang are here to finish out the sixth and final season of the Emmy-winning How To Get Away With Murder. Of course, we love the supporting cast, but this episode will be Viola Davis moment to shine as we bid adieu to her amazingly complicated and brilliantly messy character.

Since 2014, the 54-year-old stomped her way into our living rooms as Annalise Keating, the complicated and ruthless lawyer and law school professor who had a lot to juggle: her white philandering, murdering husband Sam; the fine chocolate man she was cheating on her husband with; those, at-times, bratty kids she taught (including the stunning Aja Naomi King as Michaela); obsessed and jittery assistant, Bonnie; and her psychopath sidekick, Frank. Oh, and let’s not forget about her bisexual lover from the past, her alcoholism, her dead baby, her mama (brilliantly played by the legendary Cicely Tyson), her house burning down, her winning a Supreme Court case, her almost losing her law license (multiple times), her almost being killed (multiple times), her dead husband’s son coming back, and much, much more.

Through each twisty-turny episode, Viola has given us LIFE! I mean, what other actress can utter the words, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” and win an Emmy for it? And, when Viola won that coveted award in 2015, for 45 marvelous seconds she spoke truth to power. Being the first Black woman in the Academy’s history to win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama, she shed light on what stands in the way of Black actresses succeeding in a white (lady) Hollywood.

This speech was powerful, y’all:

While we’re on Blackness, let’s talk about how effortlessly Black the show is, especially when they about talk about Black hair, how they style it and how it’s captured on-screen.

Every wig, weave, and natural look that Annalise has rocked these past six seasons have been an entire mood!

So, as we sadly celebrate the series finale, let’s pay homage to the best six hair moments that snatched our edges off.

We will miss you Annalise!

Oh The Drama! 6 HTGAWM Hair Moments That Snatched Our Edges Out!  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. The Wig Snatch Seen Around The World


We’re not sure which episodes Viola sent to the Emmy judges, but this video had to be one them! When she took off those lashes, her makeup and her wig (revealing her natural hair), babyeeee that was a moment that had people shook.

2. Mary J Blige Putting Annalise’s Sew-In


Yes, Mary J is fantastic in Dee Rees “Mudbound,” so much so she was nominated for two Academy Awards. But we REALLY loved how sis just popped up in this episode as Annalise’s unnamed hairstylist who in 40 seconds got Annalise’s boogie self together, told her to get Nate back, called a fellow stylist the Queen of Thot-land, and made that sew-in look fresh. Listen, that’s a skill. Where was the Guest Emmy for that?

3. That Time Viola Greased And Scratched Cicely Tyson’s Scalp


In an interview with The Root, Viola revealed that her favorite hair moment on the show was when Cicely Tyson, who plays Annalise’s mom, greased her scalp. This scene was definitely a powerful moment that conveys that special bond we can create with one other through our hair. 



Tegan (amazingly played by Amirah Vann) is so BAAAAAAD! The way she gets those associates all the way together cries out she is not the one. Additionally, every outfit she rocks has us in awe, but we have to talk about sis’ hair. EVERY WEEK IT IS LAID! Pulled back, faux hawks, edges shellacked. It brings a tear to our eyes every time she’s on screen.

5. Annalise Keating vs. Olivia Pope


Talk about tense! When Shonda’s two Black heroines come face-to-face at a beauty salon, it’s definitely something to see. Oliva in her roller set and Viola getting that wig bumped with the flat iron, the two have words, serious ones. It was a glorious moment between the two.

6. Don’t Ever Touch My Hair


We felt that “What the hell are you doing?” in our souls. In this episode from season 5, a rich white client thought it was a good idea to overstep his boundaries and touch Annalise’s perfectly coiffed wig. Of course, the legal eagle, Annalise, had something for her.