Photos of an unreleased Telfar bag surfaced on social media this week, and it looks like the beloved Black-owned brand UNDERSTOOD the assignment! Are you hyped about the new Telfeezy cloth design?

Representation matters, not just in the media, but how and where we spend our dollars, especially during Pride Month.


Shantel Jackson is making it more comfortable to wear your stilettos.


The actress will bring a new, fresh vibe to the Black Opal brand.

Let's face it, celebrities endorse a lot of products and can make anything look good. But what items are worth your coins? Here are ten celebrity-owned beauty companies that are reviewer-approved.

The 'Unstoppable' collection will give back to both low-income and moderate-income immigrants, women, and other underserved small business owners.

Grab a pen! Here’s your Black-owned, Black Friday list of businesses you should know! While Black people make up just 14% of the population, Black consumer spending is forecasted to break $1.4 Trillion – yes, TRILLION — in 2020, according to a Nielsen report on the power of the Black dollar. Yet Black-owned businesses receive […]

In a season where Black voices, Black creatives, and Black businesses are being amplified more than ever, the Blackout Day campaign intends show the power of the Black dollar.