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CLEO TV is serving up the best bites in Atlanta, and we want to know if you’re ready to get into What’s Cooking? 👏🏾

The network premiered its latest series What’s Cooking? Atlanta last night and to say that the team behind the show was THRILLED is an understatement! To celebrate true in CLEO TV fashion, we hosted a lively premiere party with hosts Pretty Vee and Willie Moore Jr.

Taken place at Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen and Bar in West Midtown, Pretty Vee and Willie Moore Jr., along with the amazing attendees really showed up and showed out as we launched the first episode. Everyone was all smiles as we all were ready to dig into delicious food and drinks.

Big names such as Teyana Taylor, Tamar Braxton, Jacquees, Jacob Latimore, Jessie Woo, Kendall Kyndall, and Kamillion were all in the building in support of What’s Cooking? and its hosts.

CLEO TV’s Premiere of ‘What’s Cooking? Atlanta’ Was Lit! 🔥 Let’s Dig In!
CLEO TV's Premiere of 'What's Cooking? Atlanta' Was Lit!
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The series takes viewers on a tour of the Black-owned restaurant scene in the ATL. It’s all about food, fun and conversation! In the first episode, Pretty Vee and Milk & Honey owner Devon Green discuss the motivation of why Devon opened up the high-end brunch spot in the legendary Cascade neighborhood.

“We realized there was a need for a high-end brunch restaurant in this Cascade area, because we live in this community, we decided that this would work in this community,” Green stated.

While being in business for five years, Milk & Honey has laid down its roots with its signature shrimp and grits, honey buttermilk biscuits, red velvet waffles, and smooth criminal comprised of golden hashbrowns and fried salmon.

Setting themselves apart from their competitors, Milk & Honey prides themselves on being a family-oriented restaurant while being heavily community-oriented while cooking their world-class dishes with love.

And we were READY to grab a plate from the screen!

Pretty Vee also showed her very spiritual side, (which she has been extremely transparent about) as she prayed over her food with Devon.

In Willie’s first Something to Chew On segment, he met up with Chef Kareem Mobley, who learned how to cook through his father, various family members, and YouTube. 

Kareem shared his favor-punched coconut curry jerk chicken pasta soup! With any pasta of your choice, two chicken breasts, coconut milk, curry powder, chicken broth, salt, pepper, jerk seasoning, olive oil, smoked paprika, and garlic you too can make this amazing mouthwatering dish!

Later, Pretty Vee took us to Farmed Kitchen and Bar, owned by the renowned Master Chef Daryl Shular and Sean Rush.

As they discuss the history of Farmed Kitchen and Bar, Master Chef Daryl Shular and Sean Rush shared that the three-year-old restaurant is a project that represents the hearts of the both of them as their dishes takes costumers of a journey.

Farmed Kitchen and Bar also serves as an institute for upcoming chefs that are learning the ropes of cooking and the food service industry.

Chef Shular is the only African American, and minority to pass the demanding Master Chef exam, which took eight days and 130 hours to complete. He succeeded after years of effort and sacrifice on his part, earning the title of Certified Master Chef, the highest accolade in the food industry (CMC).

To wrap up the episode, we checked back in with Willie to see what dessert he was going to try out.

A turtle-shaped chocolate cake baked by Trent Moya, owner and creator of Pastry Playhouse looked delicious and like it had the perfect texture with the right amount of sweetness!

While only being an Atlanta resident for three years, Trent has definitely made a name for himself in the baking space, having serviced many big names in the ATL.

Needless to say, we were jealous of Willie as he dug in!

Were you LOCKED IN for the premiere of What’s Cooking? Be sure to catch upcoming episodes every Wednesday night at 9:30P/8:30C only on CLEO TV!

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