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Photo by: Missy Elliott’s Instagram

Yes! Keep giving her the flowers she rightfully deserves!

Once again, Missy Elliott has been honored with an extraordinarily accurate Madame Tussaud wax figure.

The Virginia rapper and producer had already received recognition a couple of months ago with a street named after her in her hometown Portsmouth, Virginia, and the previous year with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is now permanently preserved as a lifelike wax sculpture in the renowned Madame Tussaud’s museum.

“ATTENTION: VA My WAX FIGURE is OFFICIALLY immortalized in the @madametussaudsusa Museum in #LasVegas!” Missy wrote on an Instagram post showing off the wax figure. “It’s acute YOU MUST SEE IT IN PERSON! The braids they did strand by strand! & My outfit is from the @vmas when I received the #Michael Video Vanguard Award!”

She continued: “Oh BTW my wax figure come with a Virtual Experience & there’s a screen beside it so you can do the #cooloffchallenge & be able to be apart of this EXPERIENCE Thank you so much to the AMAZING team who made this Historical.”

Fans of Missy can participate in a virtual experience in addition to a nearly lifelike statue. Visitors can participate in the “Cool Off” challenge, a fan-made dance, by watching Missy’s “Cool Off” video on a screen near the wax figure.

Missy altered the game during her 30-year career with slick lyrics and creative imagery of her visuals.

Photo by: Steve Eichner/Getty Images

Missy admitted in an interview with Interview Magazine that she didn’t see any music videos or listen to the radio when she was working on her 1997 debut album, Supa Dupa Fly.

“I didn’t do any of those things, and I didn’t realize how much that helped me at the time,” she said. “But it helped, because me and Timb, we didn’t mimic. So if we did something far-left, we weren’t afraid, because we didn’t know what was hot anyway.”

Congratulations Missy! We love seeing you get your flowers! 

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