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Sister, Sister has had a resurgence since the popular show featuring twins Tia and Tamera Mowry is streaming again on TV. People who were young when the show premiered in 1994 watch it with nostalgia, while an entirely new generation of fans is learning that the show from the nineties still holds up thirty years later.

Because of the reignited and newfound interest, Tamera Mowry-Housley shared some behind the scenes moments from the show. On an episode of her web series, The Housley Life, the actress dished on stories and secrets from the show.

Check out some of them and watch the full video below for more:

Tia and Tamera had a hand in creating the show

My sister and I got on the show in the first place because of my brother [Tahj] actually. My brother was doing this show, Out All Night with Patti LaBelleMorris Chestnut, and Vivica Fox. We used to always visit that set. The executive producer of that show recognized that my brother had other siblings, and she loved that we were twins. She met with us and said, ‘You girls need to be on tv.’

We basically thought of a really cool idea. My sister and I loved Sweet Valley High, and we loved The Parent Trap, so we wanted to do something like that. We met with an amazing writer named Kim Bass. He’s the one who actually created the show you guys watched over 20 years ago.

Every single network pretty much turned it down except ABC. We’d done commercials some stuff on sitcoms, so ABC was definitely taking a risk with my sister and [me].


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Are they like their characters?

Now, I feel like we have a bit of both of the characters within us. At the time, Tia was more of the studious one. And I was the mischievous one, meaning I was boy crazy. I had a lot more energy. But as we got older, I feel like the roles kind of would switch. Every five years, we would switch. I would be the studious one, and Tia would be the more outgoing one, and then it would switch.

Right now, we embody both of the characters. We both know when to be very studious, focus, and work-related and when to kind of let go and have fun.

Contrary to some people’s belief that I was [buttoned up] on The Real, that is not me. My family members would ask me, ‘Why do people think you’re so uptight?’ I’m actually not. And as the girls got to know over the years, I’m a good time. I have fun.

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Umm yeah! Brandon Adams, I had the biggest crush on Brandon Adams. Jason Weaver, I had the biggest crush on. Oh! Deon Richmond, the guy who played my boyfriend on the show—I think I had a little crush. I think that’s the reason our chemistry was so great.



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Do you wish Lisa and Ray ended up together?

Yes! I…want a reboot just so we can see that maybe they got together. That would have been perfect. Or maybe it was just so on the nose if they did…I don’t know why they never did.


Why they never kissed their boyfriends on the show?

The fact that you even recognized that — that is so true. Because, back in the day, we were prude. I’m just going to call it like it is. We were so prude — I didn’t want to. I did not want to. I was like, ‘I don’t even know the person…’ That was my reasoning. I can’t speak for Tia. But I know I was prude, let’s just say that.


Embarrassing moment

I can’t believe I’m going to say this. I was 15-16. We were shooting in front of a live studio audience. I had this gorgeous skirt on. I thought it was really cute. And I had just got my menstrual. Yup, I remember sitting down on this chest that we had in our bedroom. And I sat down, got back up, and there was you know what. No one knew about it except for Tia. I froze because the studio audience was there. The cameramen were there. So I remember dragging my skirt along the chest to kind of clean it up. And I finished the scene. I told our wardrobe stylist, Cee Cee. And she was so understanding — obviously, she’s a woman.

You can listen to the rest of Tamera’s behind the scenes moments in the video below:



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