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During Black History Month, TV One presents a series, Black History Month: Represent the Movement, that celebrates young activists who are changing the world.

Queer Black millennial activist Brea Baker is a racial and gender justice activist working locally and nationally towards the liberation of oppressed people, emphasizing Black people and women. For over eight years, she has worked first as a student activist and now as a national and global strategist for leading changemakers.

“Being a queer Black millennial activist means I lead with my identities,” she shared on Black History Month: Represent the Movement.


Brea connects influencers and industry leaders to activism in authentic, meaningful, and sustainable ways. “We need more people doing this work, and we especially need more women,” said Brea.

Working across fields from activism to the entertainment industry, electoral work, and politics, she believes in the need for progressive policy along with a culture that reflects and affirms everyone’s right to thrive. “We all have the freedom to speak up about the world we want to live in,” Brea stated. “That freedom should also come without the fear of intimidation.”

As President of Yale University’s NAACP, Brea’s focus was juvenile justice. She led campaigns such as raising the age in CT, mandatory memorandums of understanding in school, and against police brutality in New Haven.

Brea has contributed to several electoral and advocacy campaigns, including The 2017 Women’sWomen’s March (where she served as the youngest national organizer), The Campaign to #FreeMeekMill, The 2018 Student Walkouts Against Gun Violence, Jumane Williams successful bio for NYC Public Advocate, and more.

Learn more about Brea Baker and other young activists in our series Black History Month: Represent the Movement airing throughout Black History Month on TV One.

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