At CLEO TV, we like to represent the culture 25/8, and we know how vital it is to celebrate our roots, culture, and community!

As we continue to recognize African-Americans’ contributions to society throughout Black History Month, we have to shine a light on the spaces that we’ve always been allowed to show up in authentically as our true selves. With more than 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the country, these college campuses and their unparalleled experience are […]

These Queens are making noise in Hollywood and we STAN!

While many textbooks fail to include these facts, we're sharing more about our Black scholars, politicians, activists, and organizations.

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"My mom always raised me to give back, even when we were struggling."

"We need more people doing this work, and we especially need more women."

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In an acceptance video for the Brit Awards, Beyoncé and Jay Z made a strong show of support for Duchess Meghan Markle.